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Fashion Show at Chepstow Winter Ladies Day

My second Fashion show was in a collaboration with no less than 11 Designers and Fashion Companies, at Chepstow Racecourse on Winter Ladies Day. My boyfriend Dave Dent co-ordinated the show, bringing together a fantastic creative team of 14 models, including London Fashion Week Regulars like Mila Alex, and Sarah Smith one of the Amazon actresses in Wonder Woman. Actor Martin Challinor was modelling for Crombie with Matt Pryce and Paul MIller, and jockey Nick Scholfield. The Hair and Make up was provided by Sara Szpak, Gemma Paul, Charlotte Rebecca Bailey and Jo Eatherington.

Models Sarah Smith and Ada Lam in our 'Ava' velvet boero and pencil skirt suits , and Matt Pryce in Crombie and Jeffery West and Lee Lapthorne.. Pic by Paul Cornish :

The other Fashion Designers were headed by Crombie, who sponsored the show which was lovely for us small designers and I am very appreciative. To show on the runway with such a heritage brand was a great honour. The quality of their clothing both fabrics and tailoring is beautiful.

Gill Harvey, the designer behind Eliza Jane Howell of Connaught St in London also showed, along with Gabriella Gambetta, Lee Lapthorne the Vogue writer, artist and fashion designer, Jeffery West shoes, Toggi, millinery by Pippa Eastman and Caroline Nicholls, Gill Clement jewellery, Emmy shoes London, and Le Cashmere.

The day had a part vintage theme and there were also vintage vehicles including WWII jeeps and their owners dressedin WWII officer uniforms ...popular with the ladies! And there was live music from The Polka Dots! So it was a fantastic atmosphere. One of the Fashion shows which were before and between the racing, was inspired by Bladerunner as it unified elements of vintage and avant garde and all designers were included. Was fabulous!

Fashion photographers John Bucknall, Paul Cornish, and Lance Mason were the official photographers. We can't show many of the beautiful images as they are submitted for magazine

editorial but here are a few as a sneak preview:

Model Sarah Smith in my new design houndstooth tufted wool jacket and Pippa Eastman hat . Pic

by Paul Cornish

Here are our photographers Paul Cornish and John Bucknall captured by the third team member Lance Mason:

Designer Gill Harvey zips up Sarah Smith in Gambetta coil dress who plays a Rachel inspired character. Pic by John Bucknall:

Lauren Joy by John Bucknall in vintage Mark Russell. A lovely period style edit this could be 1962


Model Simona Mahera for Crombie coat with Caroline Nicholls hat pic by John Bucknall :

Model Sarah Smith in my new design houndstooth tufted wool jacket and Pippa Eastman hat . Pic

by Paul Cornish

Ada Lam in Gambetta dress with Gill Harvey adjusting:

Model Paul Miller playing a 'Deckard' character opens the show. Pic by Paul Cornish:

Amber Farndon looks straight out of late 40's early 50's in this vintage outfit: Pic by Paul Cornish:

Model Tara Kirsty for Toggi and Caroline Nicholls Millinery pic by Paul Cornish

The Polka Dots pic by John Bucknall:

Reg Gibson and Richard Purkiss with jeep and vintage actress hostesses Lorena Proctor Fernandez and Helen Morgan-Rogers. Pic by Lance Mason

Models Lauren Joy and Claudia Sampford in our Ascendance cashmere and tweed wraps with the striking digital print satin linings. Pic by Paul Cornish

Hannah Walker in Pippa Eastman hat pic by John Bucknall

Model Mila Alex having in her done in the morning

Hannah Walker in Pippa Eastman hat and my new design tweed jacket with teal lining and details

Pic by Lance Mason

Cathleen Voysey in Eliza Jane Howell by Gill Harvey. Pic by Lance Mason

The wonderful actor Martin Challinor who delivered the Tears in Rain speech at the end of the Runway which took us all by surprise! Pic by Paul Cornish. Lovely Crombie military coat and Lee Lapthorne beetle print scarf . Pic by Paul Cornish

Thanks to John Paul and Lance for the stunning images. More to come and also video!

In the meantime there will soon be galleries up on the photographers websites.

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