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Prague Fashion Show: Launching our Collection 2017 The Prestigious Czech Derby at Velka Chuchle

Prague 2017 Czech Derby: Racing Our Fashion Show and Art Exhibition. Fashion photos by Marta Drahos wife of Course Director Petr Drahoš. And also photos by photographer Stanislav Mikule , Stanislav is an amazing photographer of horse racing and you can see his work here: Here are all his images from the Czech Derby:

Serbian Prague based Fashion Model Nataša Palačković models our 'Bird of Flames; Belle Epoque cape with velvet pencil skirt with matching red cashmere fabric buttons

Serbian Prague based Fashion Model Nataša Palačković models our 'Bird of Flames; Belle Epoque cape with velvet pencil skirt with matching red cashmere fabric buttons. Photo Credit: Stanislav Mikule

And some of Stanislav's stunning action horse racing images of the Derby. Here is the winner 'Joseph' in blue and yellow colours winning at 50/1 !

And another great shot of four horses in line on the day.

The stalls burst open for the Czech Derby 2017 right in front of the stands! Photo: Dave Dent

Our models Denisa Denisa Málková models the Zorica Z navy polka dot circle skirt teamed with Collectif knit top; Petra Králová models a tweed Belle Epoque cape by Zorica Z with pussy bow vintage blouse; Miška Mocková models Moschino rockabilly inspired blouse and one of our belts; Nataša Palačković in Gabriella Gambetta leather dress and Pippa Eastman hat. All hats available on our website. Pic: Marta Drahos Horses are the Czech Derby field just having started.

It was with some trepidation and thus intrepid spirit that we decided to launch my new Fashion Collection in Prague. I feel Prague had the right spirit of edgy fashion spirit and the right ambience for a prestigious race meeting. The Czech derby is the biggest meeting of the year at Prague, and we had kindly been invited to do the show, and my partner David and his brother Adrian an exhibition of their Art of the Horse at the same time.

But logistically what a difficult job! How to get all the collection plus the Art to Prague by Easyjet was a bit of a task but the three of us just about managed it having sent some things ahead. We also as small businesses have to take advantage of being able to do shows abroad while we can as there is no guarantee after Brexit we shall be able to. People forget how it was before the EU when small bushiness were not in a position to afford to pay all the VAT on stock entering a European nation thus made it impossible for small concerns. So we discussed it, and accepted the invitation from Prague Racecourse Director Petr Drahos.

This meant I had to hurry against time to finish my collection and I managed to finish enough to show with my existing stock and vintage pieces. We also invited Avant Garde Fashion British designer Gabriella Gambetta whose work you may have seen featured in numerous highbrow fashion magazines such as Dazed and Confused and Masquerade, and who has worked with my partner David before on numerous fashion editorials for magazines such as Sussex Life and Fashion Shows. Gabriella's designs are incredible and we could not resist doing an impromptu guerilla shoot with one of her stunning dresses and me modelling. Well it is Prague home of the Gothic for 1000 years!

Natasa, Denisa and Petra in designs by Zorica Z , The Collectif, Wheels and Dollbaby and gloves by Maison Fabre . All you see here plus all accessories available from the website. The pink satin circle skirt with velvet waistband is one of my new designs! Pic by Dave Dent

So as we left Gatwick airport a disturbance on the plane by a stag party saw us taxi back to the terminal and a four hour delay while they were ejected by the Police! Hence we missed the model casting and fitting at the racecourse through the delay. We checked into the Park Inn Hotel where the racecourse had booked us and after a short rest took a short river walk to the Admiral Boat Hotel for dinner. It was fabulous! Amazing place for dinner and only around £25 including drinks for beautiful roast duck and great Czech beer.

Next morning we were able to meet with Serbian Prague based fashion model Natasa on the saturday so were able to do fitting and rehearsal with her on the fabulous elevated catwalk the racecourse had erected for the show. . In between watching the racehorses work on the course!

Natasa in Gambetta dress ^

^ v Natasa in Collectif dress we have in stock with our petticoat fitted and our hat and gloves.

Natasa in beautiful retro print linen coat/dress by Nisa for Ascendance

v Natasa in our tweed Belle Epoque capelet and hat with vintage pussy bow blouse and 60's unworn fine leather Dent gloves and Ralph Lauren vintage skirt all in stock.

So the rest of the fitting and rehearsal all had to be done on the morning so it was very difficult! But we arranged the items according to expected sizes the evening before . I wanted a size 12/14 model in the show as people often say 'ah looks great on a tall thin model but how about larger sizes?' . So hence we had Natasa booked but much of the preparation was left to guesswork thanks to Easyjet and a stag night!

We arranged the clothes then met up with Bloodstock Agent Chris Richner a long time client and friend of David and Adrian who also acts as their agent so he was able to bring some work to the course for the exhibition. Adrian had married Chris' head of PR and accountant (and DJ in his Rock Club) Roxanna and he often says "you stole my best ever worker!" so they are lucky he is still on good terms with them! :) Chris is the top Bloodstock agent in the Czech Republic. and we had a fund evening at dinner with him in Prague.

^ With Marta Drahos wife of Racecourse Director Petr

Adrian Dent and Christian Richner enjoy Roast Duck ^

So we arrived on course around 8 am and the models arrived soon after and then it was all hands on deck arranging the show as Adrian and Chris set up the Art exhibition. We had the assistance of amazing make up artist Erika Příhodová who did a great job of getting all the models ready in time hair and make up.

And then Gabriella Gambetta's designs opened the show at 1.20 pm 40 minutes before the first race, to two floors of people from the interior balconies above watching plus the assembled audience at the catwalk side and onlookers. Petra opened in this amazing coil arm dress coupled with one of our hats; and then Natasa took the floor in this golden dress and Pippa Eastman millinery.

^ Pic Credits:: Stanislav Mikule

^ Pic credits Marta Drahos

Denisa followed in a Gambetta ensemble of feather pants and Illusion blouse with guest professional fashion model Gabri Elinka in an illusion and leather look dress.

All four models quickly changed with my assistance which had to be swift and the next walk was with my new velvet skirts which match the capes with matching fabric buttons in cashmere.

It was exciting to see my creations on the catwalk and a relief they were well received by the audience.

^ Picture Credit Stanislav Mikule .Nataša Palačković wears the Bird of Flames capelet and black velvet high waist pencil skirt with matching red cashmere buttons. Hat and gloves also available in our web store.

^ Picture Credit Stanislav Mikule. Petra wears purple Montpelier wrap in cashmere, Natasa wears cashmere Bird of Flames Belle Epoque cape with matching black velvet high waist pencil skirt; Denisa wears the Belle epoque cape in purple and lime green with matching black velvet and purple skirt; Miska wears the green wool and cashmere cape with purple lining. All accessories also available on our website.

^ Picture Credit Stanislav Mikule . Petra moves the Montpelier wrap in purple cashmere so the lime green violet and pink lining is visible. Only problem is the mongolian lamb collar came a little lopsided as a result but you can't have everything!

So next up was the 'Femme Fatale' walk with a mixture of pieces I designed and those of other retro inspired fashion companies . Steve King's 'Satan is Her Name' played out for this one

The Petra wore my new pink satin skirt with black velvet waistband, and Wheels and Dollbaby top, Then Denisa in a black velvet quilted circle skirt from The Collective with leopard knit top. And Miska in vintage Moschino rockabilly shirt.

Other walks included these coat/dress prints designed by Nisa especially for Ascendance; and Petra wears a Collectif dress,

Then we had a walk where everything was navy and white . Love the way Petra moves our new circle skirt!

Then we had a walk with vintage items with three teal/cerulean blue dresses including by Suzy Perette teamed with one of our Belle epoque faux fur capes, and the Swansdown 40s jacket worn by Denisa which was really nice.

Of course it wasn't all fashion. The Czech Dreby was really esciting and won by 50/1 outsider Joseph ridden by Jiří Palík owned by Jiří Charvát and trained by Pavel Tůma.

After the fashion show we watched the racing and then had drinks in the racecourse bar with Chris Richner on the first floor after securing the store room with the paintings and fashion. Followed by a lovely dinner with Petr and Marta Drahos in town.

Following day we walked around Vysehrad which is the odest part of Prague with fabuolous views and just a short walk from the Park Inn Hotel. We also had chance to meet up with an old friend of David's Maxim Brivois who he knows from exhibiting his paintings at Deauville in France some years ago. Then it was one last stroll across the Charles bridge and home the following day. Can't wait to return to Prague and we have been asked to do the same again at the European Jockeys Cup the first week of September.

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