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The Fellow Pub re-opening King's Cross evening

My partner David Dent is a renowned artist of the horse. So he was commissioned to paint an image of French horse The Fellow in 1991 at Kempton Park to commemorate the horse and re-opening of the Geronimo's pub in King's Cross which is named after him. They also wanted some risque goings on in the crowd so I had to pose for my bottom being whipped by a jockey not riding in the race!

It is an amazing coincidence since David and his brother Adrian are also co-ordinating the Save Kempton Park Campaign as it is under threat of redevelopment. Which would be a shame with all the history of it such as this race. You may see Desert Orchid in the painting who also won the race several times. Before coming to the UK almost 20 years ago I didn't know much about British horse racing....but I did know about Desert Orchid and Kempton Park because this race is very famous all over the world on Boxing Day.

So we were invited for the re-opening though the official re-opening isn't yet. The people were very nice, food excellent and the decor of the pub is amazing with of course the painting centre piece.

I wore my Emerald venom spider necklace for the event and was complimented on it by many people! I wore a Nicole Farhi green latex skirt . vintage velvet jacket and fur collar which I wore both first over my vintage Mansfield cashmere coat and then the velvet jacket. Several of thew items we have in stock and either are or will be on the website soon. Then I stole my partner David's Jeffrey West cobra umbrella to complete the vamp look!

Jason the regional manager looked after us very well and we met some really nice people including Gaia Elise and her boyfriend, another gentleman who is a horticulture artist , the manager of the Owl and the Pussycat in Shoreditch, and the gentleman on the far right who commissioned David to paint some period piece of Villa Park, and the PR lady and her mum and sister who were also lovely.... so was very nice company. Can't wait to go back in fact! A pub you can dress up for or go casual...very nice mixed crowd and they are going to be doing live music comedy and burlesque.


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