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Iceage: Danish Punk at the Lexington

Well it is not often you go to see a punk band on a sunday afternoon but as their evening gig quickly sold out in advance they also played an afternoon slot.

We arrived at Lexington pub in North London and immediately met really good looking Elias singer of Iceage outside having a cigarette ! My boyfriend Dave Dent introduced us! Very nice guy. Vogue magazine picked up on them a couple years ago and they certainly have that 'now' factor

Their music is very exciting and edgy and this will give you a taster. If you get chance to see them make sure you do! Exciting and highly emotionally charged vocals that appear to be out of sync with the threashing guitars and then suddenly come crashing back together in a powerful way.

The Lexington has lovely interiors and a great venue for live music.

I used the opportunity to wear my Alice Temperley velvet biker jacket teamed with thigh boots my my Dark Romance necklace which got lost of compliments and so we only have one left in stock of this sold out piece!

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