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Chepstow October Jumps Festival

Had a busy weekend at Chepstow Races for their two day jumps festival meeting. The racing was exciting with many favourite horses running. I was exhibiting the Ascendance range including all the new seasons's stock on the Dent Fine Art and Fashion stand there. My boyfriend David and his brother Adrian are artists of the horse.

The night before we had a late night Megabus journey from London to Newport where we stayed at David's brother Adrian and his wife Roxy. We had the whole top floor to ourselves on coach and it was a very comfortable journey. Far better than trains and FAR less expensive! But we had lots of stock to carry and didn't arrive until 2 am. Then up at 6 am to set up the stand at Chepstow.

On the coach journey we were listening to music and 'Rock the Casbah' by The Clash was one of the songs. So then we looked at the Racing Post website and saw the Philip Hobbs horse 'Rock the Kasbah' was running next day! So I had to bet on it! And of course - it won!

We had some lovely clients both days and the stand looked nice I think. Included were the Ascendance collection of Lee Lapthorne.....including this stunning wax and printed velvet cape.

Rita Heard bought a red had to match her black and red outfit and looked amazing! Also looking very stylish was Hazel and husband Mark who is a retired Colonel. Hazel bought one of the Montpelier wraps. Though here she is wearing a tweed outfit David designed from his fashion collection a few years ago.

Another of my fashion clients Jane and husband Brian and parents had share in Martin Keighley Racing Club who had a horse running which won the Bob Champion Legends charity race! This was nice race with lots of famous older jockeys riding. I have only been interested in racing a short time so their names were not familiar to me so much as my partner David but of course I know Bob Champion story from the movie where he was played by John Hurt. You can support the Charity through Bob here:

The first day I wore a red cashmere coat I bought the week before at King's Cross vintage boot sale for a song, and teamed it with a black vintage fox fur collar from my new range and red leather gloves and hat also from the Ascendance range. And some red velvet cord jeans from Zara Basics. My whole outfit was under £300....I think it looks ok-ish :) If you are on a budget as I am mix and matching vintage, quality basics, and splashing out a little more on some statement accessories is the key.

The second day the' Equicizer' was there on which jockeys train. I haven't sat on a horse since I was 8 years old so took some getting used to! After thirty seconds I was exhausted so goodness knows how fit the jumps jockeys must be when some races last nine minutes and over big fences! My boyfriend David and his brother Adrian had a go too!

The second day sponsoring were Sarah Jane and Mike, and Brigitte Ayres, the memorial races for the late John Ayres whose companies Toggi Fashion and Champion Helmets are known to most horse people. So it was a very nice way for them and David and Adrian and many other who were friends with him to remember him. On the stand we also had lovely Toggi fashion items.

The Sunday I wore the new Montpelier wrap in window pane tweed, fur collar and hat and Barbour gloves from the Ascendance range and teamed it with the 'Emerald Venom' Alchemy necklace . Beautiful Hannah Walker from C4 Racing also tried on the ensemble and I think is going to buy one.

we saw some really nice horses such as in the Persian War Hurdle El Bandit and Coo Star Sivola battle it out, Also Wishful Dreaming in one race who was in same colours as Rock the Kasbah. I think they are all worth watching this season. My favourite race was the veterans chase where I saw Dineur and Saint Are who are very popular and here we see the latter in a painting David had on show of last year's Grand National. He is in the bright yellow green and red colours.

The race was won by Double Ross. I should have bet on him as I was all dressed in red the day before!

Chepstow is a beautiful racecourse and has spectacular scenery as you can see. We shall be back there at 3rd December which has the Welsh Grand National trial race,

Then again on the Welsh Grand National race day itself on 27 December:

I love it at the Chepstow races and hope you will come and join us! Wrap up warm! I was glad of the vintage mink coat at the end of the day!

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