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This is probably one of the most talked about Windsmoor coats of their long history. Made in the 1980s it sold out quickly not big production, and in the most desired purple.


Cindy Crawford, Joan Severance etc modelled for Windsmoor in the 1980s. 


Windsmoor label is such a part of Britain's cultural heritage it is mentioned in the John Betjamin poem :


Well cut Windsmoor flapping lightly,
Jacqmar scarf of mauve and green
Hiding hair which, Friday nightly,
Delicately drowns in Dreen;
Fair Elaine the bobby-soxer,
Fresh-complexioned with Innoxa,
Gains the garden - father's hobby -
Hangs her Windsmoor in the lobby,
Settles down to sandwich supper and the television screen.


Yes its here! Could be yours! Such a romantic piece with beautiful fit and flare, and movement when you walk. Speaks for itself - size 12 UK, but I'm an 8 and while its a little on the big size I could get away with it. So 8-12 its going to look great.

Don't hesistate this will get you so many compliments and will never date.

Windsmoor Iconic Purple Fit and Flare Vintage Riding Coat

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