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Vintage mid 1970s Mark Russell wool & sheepskin grey black coat immaculate tie belt back vent trench coat fur collar cuffs 


Beautiful & immaculate mid 1970s coat by Mark Russell.
Has a classic trenchcoat feel but in wool tweed twill with wide sheepskin collar lapels and cuffs.

Beautiful crisp vent at the back and lovely tailoring gives it a 'spy' feel, but with the added femininity and warmth of the soft glossy black fur.

The Bowie penned Lulu sung 'Man Who Sold the World' was the inspiration for my video... and while it's believed to be a song about identity & image crisis, it could serve a metaphor for who sold out British quality fast fashion to global corporate tat! Sadly Mark Russell the brand 'died' it would appear a long long time ago...but not the coat, which is pristine because it was made to last ...& has! And I have come across treasured pieces by the Mark Russell brand over the years as far afield as Belgrade, East Germany and Paris so clearly their quality and 'Made in England' label meant a lot to visitors to the UK. Also the coat has that 'secret agent' feel so hence a song about identity/image. 

I think the coat likely dates from c 1974 the date of the Lulu/Bowie collab.

You can see the full video & music if you follow me on Instagram

Belted it gives a slight A line shape  and the loops are lovely plaits. Belt is same fabric and a tie. 

If this was my size would be a keeper as it is immaculate like new. I'm a 6-8 and don't gte me wrong I would still wear it it's so lovely.... so a smaller size like me may also find it suitable.
Mark Russell was a quality label in the 1960s and 70s though I can find out little about them...other than they sold in Top Shop - at a time when they did excellent quality. A Mark Russell coat back then would have cost you between £29 and £80  or about £350-£900 in today's money; and a coat this well made today would cost you well over a grand. 


Rest assured this is a quality sturdy classic with a little edge....ideal for the 'Cold War' ie will keep you warm this Autumn & winter and many more to come. You are the next custodian of this gorgeous coat.... this is your mission should you choose to accept it.... to care for it as well as the previous owner. And when you pull the collar up for those secret also will keep your neck & face soooo cosy.....


Almost 50 years old...and still looks new. Respect that, and don't hesitate: this will keep you warm for many winters to come while the polyester clad shiver at the bus won't be. 

Suitable for a UK size 10 or 12.

Vintage1970s Mark Russell wool & sheepskin fur grey black tie belt trenchcoat

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