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Vintage Vivienne Westwood late 1980s early 1990s velvet corset dress mini slight drape front side hitch glamorous 1980s evocative very, very sexy


Oooh what a gorgeous dress in luxuriously sensual black velvet lined in gold lining featuring the Orb, this is part of the Red Label collection but difficult to date as it looks far more 80s than 00s, so as the only dress I can remotely find similar is from her own collection 1998, I assume this was from the first main collection 98/99.

The length however, has an '80s feel to it as does the corseted interior.

Amazing how Vivienne Westwood went from Queen of Punk, to Buccaneer, to robbing every period of British history for inspiration, and in the late 80s and 90s some luxurious glamour. 

It is marked as a 42 which is a size UK 8 but there's no way if it was a modern 8 I'd be selling it. I am a small UK 8 and it's toot tight for me, So be warned this is a UK size 4 or very small 6. 

And I mean, seriously, lock up your daughter if she buys this or you buy it her for Xmas. It oozes glamour and sex appeal, and the hitched sides give a subtle drape to the front. The bust arcs up in to points so it's a real vamp or vampire dress. So errr....not for the Prom unless she's set for some hapless guy's throat!  But maybe for a later debutante ball Xmas party or special evening. At one time it may have had a bow at the front similar to the 98 A/W collection black velvet number she did though that was removable by interior poppers while this one has interior cute horn buttons. So assume at some point it had a bow or ruffle (perhaps white frill 'filler' panel?) but really the cleavage line is so dramatic like this I can see why if it had something like that she removed it.

So if you are Addicted to Love of Vivienne Westwood's later 80s & 90s glamour with still a bit of 'Sex' and elegance about them, this is for you. As usual, if you'd like to see the full video with music follow me on Instagram!

Vintage Vivienne Westwood 1990s velvet corset dress mini drape side hitch glam

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