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Vintage Tissavel luxury faux fur jacket quality leopard animal print rockabilly rock chick wide lapels boxy bolero coat 1980s 1990s


Ah a fine quality luxury Tissavel leopard print jacket with amazing wide lapels that oozes style.
Would fit comfortably up to size 12 UK, though I am a size UK 8 (5ft 5 ins plus heels in the pics for an idea) and would wear no probs. 

"Black and orange stray cat sitting on a fence....
ain't got enough dough to pay the rent..."

sang the Stray Cats in 1981 and on this item that is me sitting on the fence as I am unsure of the date! The fabric by Tissavel is their luxurious soft high sheen leopard print the earliest examples of I know are mid 80s, but this may predate as the polyester lining label looks older and other than the Tissavel label which looks archaic, I would say the style could be 1990s, and they still were doing this  gorgeous fabric then. And the Stray Cats release their greatest hits album 1996 so my 'Sprirt of the Age' and garment  song covers that entire period thematically this entire 2 decades rockabilly girls ruled the roost for sure. 
And, Poison Ivy of The Cramps had a coat in what I am pretty sure was this Tissavel fabric. If not a similar very high sheen dense weave luxury faux fur.


Now see, no disrespect but this is what you hipster girls don't get. Leopard print is NOT and never will be about shabby chic to us. Shabby chic to us is an aneth...anathi...anathema okay please understand that it's insulting to us to dress this with jumble sale crap. Or WTF do you think this is Bette Lynch? It's not. You may be of means and would rather pretend you aren't and 'wanna live like common people' as Pulp sang in the 1990s, but sorry that is SO not what we are about. We ain't got enough dough to pay the rent but we like our luxury faux furs capiche? Be we bar maids or cosmetics counter workers, we wear QUALITY leopard print see? We may be all fur coat and no knickers but that's cool and always has been. And we like a bit of sexually provocative class and rock and roll attitude we ain't skanky posh hipster hippies. So we

"walk right by with our tail in the air..."

in the air see not between our legs?


And these Tissavel leopard fabric coats were the bees knees. They were often fashioned in to designs by small designers so this has not fabrication label, which puts it likely no later than 1990s. But could be as small designer until the last 15 yrs or so often were not obligated to put in the labels especially if it was a one off made for someone. That is unlikely in this case as it has a polyester composition label that loos pretty archaic. 


So yeah sitting on the fence...mid 1980s  to mid 1990s, boxy shape suggests in the middle. But the lapels are an idiosyncratic design quirk for the time I suspect. 

There is also something very High Fashion about this: it is reminiscent of the chubby furs that you'd wear over your bikini in the early 1990s on the French promenade; yeah....maybe more bikini girls with machine guns though as the Cramps sang in 1990....


And this jacket OOZES class & cool, and is very rock and roll with that stamp of Tissavel luxury. This fabric was expensive. ad a fill length coat in it would set you back around £400 even in Camden Electric Ballroom market back in the day. Ha ha used to amuse me when younger girls would be with mum in there and it would be mum trying those coats on that their daughter had spotted heh. 


SO much better than modern faux furs there's no comparison.  So if you are after a bit of feline predatory quality in your pin-up strut, this is the jacket for you. Believe me, the lapels flattering your bust, and so soft sensual and sleek your lover when they hold you will be smitten, sex drool you casanaova tom cat ...and we are gonna want dinner from something more than a garbage can if you want to go out on the tiles with the kitty cat who wears this....Valentines Day birthdays Xmas whatever coming up rockabilly rebels....and always needed for that all day rock n roll event that ends up in chilly early hours at the seaside!

Vintage Tissavel luxury faux fur jacket quality leopard animal print rockabilly

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