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Vintage Renegade Spirit Duster Coat in pale tan soft supple suede doe hide buckskin look raccoon fur collar Western style


This is a gorgeous soft lightweight suede - maybe deer as it is so smooth and soft - Western look Duster length coat, made by Renegade Spirit probably 1990s. The collar is a pale raccoon fur and comes quite deep as does the fit and flare in true western style. It is fixed by a single button and you know, it then falls open as the wind catches it, to reveal your rig and perhaps your deadly weapons! A proper gunslingers coat! Fashion at its best is about fantasy as well as practicality and obviously the label taps in to the heritage of the Old West. After all both buckskins and raccoon were always part of the look; ever after Davy Crockett's coonskin hat and buckskins.

It is marked a medium but would say it is more a UK size 10 but I am a 6-8 and can wear no problem. It isn't even pinned on me so witness the drama in the cut. I am 5ft 5 ins and wearing heels though so bear that in mind as it is down to my ankles; proper duster coat length.

It has that 1990s casual more earthy look than the glamour of the 1980s furs and leathers. And at the time, Depeche Mode in 1989 brought out Personal Jesus which is the inspiration for my video, and it was covered in 2002 by Johnny Cash and 2004 by Marilyn Manson. So we had a god two decades of the Western Gothic, reflected in movies too, be it Tombstone or From Dusk Till Dawn, & a new breed of movies with female rugged leads in duster coats and Winchesters defending the ranch against outlaws. 
You can see the full video if you follow me on Instagram.

Of course Depeche Mode filmed their video in Fort Bravo the movie set desert reort in teh Tabernas desert Spain where many a spaghetti western was filmed. But it looked authentic. Similarly, the Renegade Spirit brand were making great western leather clothing from 1982-2020 in Jersey City not the old west! But again, the spirit is as authentic as it gets.

It's a beautiful dreamy coat in immaculate condition, for you to drift with a real swagger along the city streets with country and western panache. Ideal for the horse races, or walks in the park followed by dinner, or simply a day's shopping in the west end. Or a trip to a desert resort in true western rock n roll style...

Team with a stetson or fedora, cowboy boots and jeans, and rendevous with your destiny. Reach out and Touch Faith.....

Vintage Renegade Spirit Duster Coat tan soft suede buckskin raccoon coat western

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