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The glamour and romance of the 1980s was buried as we entered the 21st century and an age of utilitarian mass produced synthetic drab austerity. 

Then in 2018 Margot Robbie's clicking heels walked out of the neon emptiness on a mission of revenge in 'Terminal' wearing a killer red coat. Ever since, the red fit and flare coat has been a must have in every femme fatale's wardrobe; the movie is rapidly gaining cult status - see it through as it makes little sense until the end. 

This one has a similar aesthetic: if you are a shrinking violet or someone who thinks clothes are for function not style, then move on nothing to see here. This is red, the colour of Danger, the colour of Love, and it has a swagger and floaty movement in its full flare that is as deadly a weapon as the female arsenal can have.  


Made in England by Mansfield - Frank Russell 'King of Coats' label - in the early 1980s this style was for any stylish and feminine woman but was appropriated as many of their designs were by the girl who had grown tired of the bondage trousers and black and white dresses of the punk and ska period and wanted something a little more sophisticated, yet retain a tribal style cultural identity.


So they were worn by the Sloane Rangers for town and country, the New Romantics, and the King's Road rockabilly girls. They were expensive but this was a time of boom and women had disposable income and wanted to make an entrance to clubs wine bars casinos and events; or simply just at work. 

Many labels did the style, but none quite as romantic and well cut as Mansfield. The style remained in fashion throughout the 1980s & early 1990s despite the ra ra skirts, boxy shapes and outsize wham t shirts, this always reigned. Mansfield coats were always priced at £300-£400
at the time; equivalent of around £1k today's money.


This is a UK 12 but remember sizes then were different so it's more like a UK 10. Slightly too big for me as a 6-8 or I would definitely be keeping this one.


And if your lover leaves you out on the pavement, this is something that certainly won't fall apart at the seams!

Such a vibrant red, it definitely has the Look of Love as ABC sang in 1982. NO signs of wear fading or damage, like new from the store.


Mansfield was sold by Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and all good stores. Such a treasure to find one quite so immaculate, with a 30% cashmere content.


Lions head buttons signal the regal stature of the coat and it's 'Englishness', but pull up the collar and it transforms in to a wicked late 1940s early 1950s Parisienne Dior New Look cut; just as Margot Robbie's in the movie Terminal. This time, she's here to stay as a classic that will never date.

You will never find a modern coat quite as beautiful.

Vintage Red Mansfield wool & cashmere coat 1980s does 1950s fit & flare coat

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