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Well, you can't refuse and you just can't choose what she's gonna do.....
oooohh Black Leather ....ow Black Leather!

1980's incredible 1980s avant garde design real leather coat, in excellent condition; a few tiny scuff marks but not noticeable
and what you'd expect with real leather but the leather is so full and rich it's very very minor. A leather lotion may likely sort them anyway
and I can do this for you.

It looks fab worn loose with a two leather button cape fastening at the neck so flares out but also cocoons, 
and such drama with the batwing sleeves! BUT it looks even better belted! So I am including this gorgeous real leather 
eco friendly tanning new obi belt as it looks just sensational together! Normally this retails at £75 alone. 

This could be a perfect coat for daily wear and fantasy dressing for cosplay. If I was dong the wardrobe for a Bat Girl or Trinity in the Matrix movie this would be hers!

The coat was a design by Y.P. Clarencel beautiful monogrammed house signature throughout and dates from the new wave avant garde looks of the early 1980s with batwing
very much in Vogue .

This coat would be the fashion bloggers dream worn with sneakers; but I rather hope it will find a home with someone who sees the potential of
the glamorous drama that the design originally had in mind! If you like a man on his knees this could be the coat so take note you ladies with a bit of dominatrix in your heart!

Take the red pill....real leather made to last and has, unlike the synthetic fast fashion tat a yr to landfill driving production fossil fuel emissions
and feeding nobody.

Suitable for any size just about as long as you aren't too short, 8-18 UK

Vintage Real quality Black Leather Rue St Honore 1980s avant garde batwing coat

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