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Yes, this IS a Lilli Ann.


We all know Lilli Ann of the 1940s and 1950s but less well known is the role the company played as influential on Mod through their incredible early 1960s 'space age' high neck suits and coats, and they really kicked it in with the coats with huge fur collars and cuffs mid 1960s. They were the discerning Modette's ultimate desire. 


Working with the likes of Dior and buying French Textiles (Balenciaga believed to have supplied some late 1950s & 60s designs), the mid 1960s saw the embracing of the British Mod fashions their early 60s designs had so strongly influenced, by introducing a 'London Line' Made in England, particularly designs in leather and the highest quality luxury faux fur.


This amazing zebra faux fur zip front jacket with puffed sleeves and band cuffs, finished inside with quality real leather suede, was produced late 1970s and still Made in England. Just look at what happens when the jacket is zipped up: the zebra stripes match up and contour & emphasize the female form. Likely produced at the time of the Mod revival, (and avant garde New Wave think B-52s zebra print & rockabilly even) judging by the label which was known the one used at that time .

While Adolph Schuman (who named his company in the 1930s after wife Lillian) had been a massive boost to the French fashion industry post war label they were using then, and the Union Jack proudly displayed inside. That British Mod scene still spiritually connected with San Francisco label Lilli Ann even late 1970s, when the UK was undergoing a massive Mod revival. But the sleeves and shoulder structure a sign of things to come re 1980s fashion. 


It's a UK medium size; that could be worn by a 6-8 for a loose fit (I am that size am modelling and have worn a few times) or a size UK 10 12 or even small 14.


We all fell in love with those pictures of Lilli Ann suits of the 40s-50s didn't we?

Talking of Mod, "Pictures of Lilli....Lilli oh Lilli" went The Who song, which tells of a boy's love affair with pictures of Lily who he later is heartbroken to learn died back in 1929. Sadly Schuman passed away in 1985 (his wife Lillian 1996) and there will never be another Lilli Ann garment. But we have the pictures forever...the pictures that made us sigh and weep for the beauty they gave us through the grim reality of life; and for the lucky few, maybe an actual vintage garment.

This is Lilli Ann. This is the Holy Grail of vintage fashion. 


Beautiful and immaculate; so soft, sensual, stylish and statement.

Vintage rare late 1970s Lilli Ann faux fur zip up jacket coat zebra animal print

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