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Deep red to burgundy slight A line mini dress in cotton velvet with belt with a mother of pearl buckle. This could have been made in the late 1970s early 1980s with the intense Mod Revival then, but a couple of things make me think it's 60s. Firstly there are some studs inside the back of the neck: this was a sixties technique so you could wear a white Peter Pan Mary Quant style collar, but remove it for washing. Never seen that later years. Also, the belt buckle is mother of pearl and very lovely. 


Even if it was made in the 1960s, it would certainly likely been worn second time round so I used the song 'Time for Action' by Secret Affair as inspiration for the video.


There is no label so it could have been home made, but it's very nice quality and lined.
In excellent vintage condition, if you are inspired by 1960s fashions or Mod, then this is the dress for you. I shall also enclose a free gift (I often do if I have anything apt! All part of the pleasure I take making my customers happy!) of a pair of retro Mod sunglasses in dark burgundy with silver arrows on the arms by Grinder Punch worth £15.


Shot this in Margate, mecca for Mods and thanks to Glenn, more connected with the scooter boy sub culture, who we happened across with his 1963 Lambretta while about to shoot the dress!

Vintage Mod 1960s deep Red burgundy velvet mini dress belted dress & sunglasses

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