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The 1970s & early 1980s saw a huge 1950s revival exemplified by a whole host of movies from American Grafitti 1973 to Grease 1978, and tv shows like Happy Days (1974-1984), right through to La Bamba 1987 at popular level as well as Rockabilly. But while the old middle class progressives bemoaned this apparent nostaligia for a period whose values they had rejected, there was no stopping it and tbh it wasn't a slavish retro revival anyway. Indeed, at mainstream level the hair & dresses had as much in common with disco as the 50s; satin pants & dresses in vivid colours eg, and even edgy bands like The Clash were singing about brand new Cadillacs & The Pistols covering Eddie Cochrane songs. Fifties purists weren't happy either with the appropriation but the King's Rd Teds had as much modern brightly coloured satin on their lapels anyway.

So this dress by Kriss with boned front and built in underskirt has vivid reds and greens on a skirt which despite the built in black net underskirt is not a full circle, and only flares out in movement. So such was the 1970s & 80s interpretation of the fifties by high st brands. But was FUN, feminine and lovely! So in that respect such dresses have become 'out of time' classics in their own right. This is a fab dress for summer days with a sun hat or donning in evening with a late 70s early 80s black velvet bolero....hell yeah stick the retro 40s shoulder pads in to the mix too...or a leather motorcycle jacket and bright red lipstick. 

Think this likely an early 1980s piece due to the mid calf length, but these styles were 'in' from 1977-1987 so difficult to tell. 

26 inch waist 30inch  bust but boned in front so will fit 32.  So a modern UK size 6-8 rather than the UK 10 it states: that's vintage sizing.

Likely a polyester satin but that liquid heavier silk feel. Lovely condition & colours.

Vintage late 70s/early 80s does 1950s Kriss dress built in underskirt

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