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Hoist the Jolly Roger!
Hoist the Jolly Roger!
It's your money that we want
And your money we shall have!

Well, that's what it costs for us to share our buried treasures! 

So went the Adam & the Ants song of 1980 but this jacket is a later piece from the late 1980s possibly early 1990s by German design House Mondi.
Their brass military look buttons, velvet trims, and naval loos were characteristic of the label throughout this period. 

Because of the Regency inspiration of this one it's great to mix and match with Westwood, Child of the Jago, or simple white ruffle shirt and leather
pants for that fashion buccaneer look. You are not obligated to recreate a look form a period unless you are in the .I Love Lucy Club', so experiment away 
and mix with modern pieces too!

That is in the spirit of Piracy pioneered by Westwood in fact with bricolage, for fantasy romance and edge.
Fashion should never be just about utility; that is what got us in this fast fashion mess: we need to value garments for the beauty, fantasy, glamour, sex appeal, 
art, & resistance to the conformist slavery of the utilitarian tyranny!
Fashion Slavery is hereby abolished by the decree of the Vintage Fashion Pirates; they went for TREASURE after all and this is one such special piece! 
Who will treasure it next? 

Wear it for days out at the Marina, a stroll along Les Planches at Deauville or the club of the same name in Paris. for the decks on a cruise with your whites, or
a steampunk event or simply an evening our or day's shopping.

It's a UK size 10 but a small 12 may get away with it, and it is marked a size 36 so an 8 but I think it's a little big for me around the bust area. 
Good to dance in though open! 

It's a good Cut...Lass... (shiver me timbers & speak like a pirate!)

Vintage late 1980s Mondi Wool & Velvet Regency Naval Inspired Jacket

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