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Vintage late 1980s early 1990s Apparence Paris Disney Faux Fur Coat Mickey Minnie Mouse Dark Grey and black Power style


Ah another fabulous Disney Faux Fur coat from Apparence APF Paris. These were first done in the late 1980s but were launched officially with the opening of Disneyland Paris. This one has the late 1980s 'power' look and with the dark colour, a slate grey and black, there's nothing Disney Princess about it! More Cruella De Vil ! In fact, the coats generally were if not intended, swiftly appropriated by well heeled fashionistas, so for example smart boutiques at the Cheltenham Festival shopping village sold them,  and you'd even get them showing up at Goth Clubs. 

Apparence high end Paris Fashion of course specialized in the edgy couture looking luxury faux furs; but whether Disney were quite prepared for such sexy power glamour who knows but after all they did invent Cruella! Tough again whether they originally intended her to be a fashion icon was perhaps unintentional!


So perhaps the coats being sold at Disneyland were a lure to get your evil stepmum or bad ass goth sis to get onboard with the family trip to Disneyland by having a desirable faux fur luxury fashion item to tempt them! After all big brother and Dad had the actual Buffalo Bill Wild West show action, with real Pawnee and actual cowboy trick riders and real buffalo, so was always something for all the family.


Nowadays, after being 'out of fashion' a couple decades, these coats are bang back in vogue , still just as desirable & a real collectors item, with both Disney fans and fashionistas after them! 

This one will fit any size from a size UK 8 to 18, depends on how you like to wear. I am a size UK 8 and I like to wear these belted with a very soft leather obi belt, and if you like that 'power' sculpted look that adds well I will throw in a real leather obi free. I am 5ft 5 ins and wearing heels in the pictures and video so bear this in mind too as this particular shape wouldn't want to be for anyone too much shorter.


The emphasis is on the hug balloon puff sleeves giving that mock Tudor power shape and it may at one time have had shoulder pads. I was tempted to add some but I know that would be too much for some but you can always get them added by your local seamstress/repair shop.

Condition wise the outer is exceptional , soft sleek and like new. Though the lining has had some repairs, and the Apparence label is missing. These factors are reflected in the price as they can fetch between £600 and £1200 for immaculate condition.


So whether you are  a Gothic Lolita, a well heeled Fashionista who likes to have a bit of Swagger and statement, or a Disney Gone Bad kinda girl, and can pull one of these off , or simply a Disney fan, this is the ultimate coat for this winter!

Vintage late 1980s early 1990s Apparence Paris Disney Faux Fur Coat Mickey Mouse

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