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Vintage late 1980s 1990s Apparence Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse faux fur coat pristine white 3/4 length balloon sleeves power dressing glamour


Incredible almost pristine immaculate glowing white vintage late 1980s early 1990s Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse faux fur coat by Apparence Atelier APF Paris.
These are highly collectible; not just because of the Disney theme (though that too for sure) but both with Apparence having the best reputation for style of 1980s faux furs, and also the sheen and pile quality; so glossy sleek and soft. Apart from some Couture Helene & a few contemporaries such as Deray & Daville, there has been nothing to touch them since.
And then those fabulous Disney prints. They did many styles and varieties of prints over the late 1980s to early 1990s, and colours. But the white in good condition, are the most rare. For obvious reasons: white is not the most serviceable colour; prone to yellowing from perfume (wear a silk scarf if you are spraying perfume on your neck and make up both with pale real and faux furs!), sun and smokey area storage, and stains.
So they don't very often (in fact never seen one this good even at the time) come up in such good condition. It's so white it glows! And white faux fur is rarely so glossy. And it's so soft you just want to sink your hands in to it and caress and pretty sure so will your lover....because these were...and are...very sexy coats.

Reason being Apparence had avant garde Parisienne styles, and all that 1980s glamour. Despite the Disney theme, they weren't for prissy Princesses. Or, if thy were they were soon appropriated and subverted by the glamorous edgy and provocative women. Flirtatious for sure, they were very expensive at the time and worn by true 'elegantes'. And teamed with the likes of Alaia, Jitrois, and North beach Leather etc these coats became something else. They remain a true fashionistas coat; you see them at London Paris etc Fashion week. You see them at red carpets events in winter. You see them at chic London venues such as Beach Blanket Babylon and Sketch. Because of the shoulders (not padded but look like they are) and balloon sleeves, if you walk with confidence and swagger boy do they command a room when you enter. And if they aren't looking mouth agape because they appreciate such dramatic form, then they are fascinated by the Mickey and Minnie print. Beware you WILL get chatted up in these coats! They are wearable art; a conversation piece, and a glamour status symbol. But not for trophy wives; these are about power & luxury.....but with that 'sweet' paradox. So yes...shrinking violets need not apply these coats don't seek attention they command it. And especially the white ones.

It's suitable for a size 6-8 (that's me modelling I am that size) right up to a small 16. They did these in three sizes; hip length, 3/4 (that's this one) and full length. In the white in this pattern usually Minnie has a red bow....I have never seen the blue one before. So safe to say it's rare as I deal a lot in these. And if you see one from me be assured it's in excellent condition as faux fur isn't the most durable and too many people eg wash them (absolutely ruins the sleekness of quality faux fur) or spill things down them without immediate attention leaving the pile to matt with stickiness.

So... I'm not selling this unless you promise to look after it. Wear it for those special occasions not to grunge about in. Please. So rare this fine.

I can imagine a Disney mad bride looking so fine in this on her wedding day as she waves to get in to the wedding carriage. Or, perhaps wear on Christmas morning for that walk in the frosty park with your family or lover. Wear over a fabulous dress at a glamorous red carpet event or Winter Ball, or for that special lunch, dinner at a very fine venue, or for that special date with someone. Or...dinner at Disneyland....


Vintage late 1980s 1990s Apparence Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse faux fur coat

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