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"Sasson Woman...walking down the street..." sang Roy Orbison in a commercial for the company famed for their figure flattering jeans in 1982 parodying his own hit 'Pretty woman".


But Sasson were also known for their fabulous and often vibrant reasonably priced Borgazia faux furs. The thick weave of the borg faux fur made them fairly resilient to damage especially from rain, though sadly many wrecked them by washing! DON'T wash faux fur and try not to get it wet! Dry clean properly. So while they aren't uncommon, they are in such good condition as this beauty. Borg faux fur was meant to imitate sheared beaver and the late 1970s saw sheared beaver coats dyed in vibrant colours so Sasson followed the trend, and heir production scale saw the price of the coats come down dramatically . Quality borgazia is sleek shiny and sensual to touch and until the 80s unsurpassed for quality look. We also have a crimson red one and a blue one similar style in stock. 


This one is a jet black glossy and sleek , with a purple and green chevron on the arms for a very 'New wave' avant garde look of the time.


By the late 1980s early 1990s such working class glamour had become a little dated for the utilitarians, and this particular model featured worn by Peg Bundy in Married with Children but what goes around comes around and now she's considered by many fashionistas a bit of a style icon! 


It's very lovely and edgy now, and were at the time in fact late 1970s early 1980s. They suited the style of both the 'New wave' girl, and the disco diva. 


This one would fit a size UK 12, perhaps even a small 14, though if you are smaller like me (UK 6-8)  perhaps you may prefer a loose fit oversize look anyway. That way, it has a bit of a swing to it. Though on a larger size this would be a straighter cut. Even so the shoulder structure (not padded but looks it) gives room across shoulders so hasn't got that awful constricted look of the 21st century corporate fashion which was all about saving fabric and is NOT flattering to anyone: narrow across shoulders makes you a triangle shape if you have a bottom! Ditch that look and embrace vintage glamour. The Sasson faux fur coat was designed to be worn casual for their leggy tight jeans or flares, so it's going to look good with either.

Vintage late 1970s early 1980s Sasson faux fur jacket coat black colour chevrons

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