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Yes you whippersnappers; your mummy or grandma probably had one of these!  Don't be shocked she was way cooler than you!



"You've done it've broken every code...."


Who remembers the Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel song? There was also a fashion brand with the same name Cockney Rebel at the time...and la la did they do some incredible high split wrap dresses in the 1970s & 1980s. I've seen cup cake & handbag fights with the 'pin-up' seam & heel girls versus the retro disco girls at vintage events over this red satin tulip dress they did (they did in several colours but the red one is the very collectible one). Finally I have one in stock.

It is suitable for a size UK 6 - 8 or 10. Marked as a 12 but vintage sizes are always smaller. If you are a 12 however, it just requires a button shift as it's loose fitting everywhere else. 


It is polyester but a lovely satin finish. This is the only time polyester is any good but even then watch out for lit cigarettes! Sadly seen too many polyester dresses of this period wrecked by cig burns as everyone smoked back then. However that means they are increasingly rare items.

I can't tell you how RED & shimmering a fabric this dress is. Even in a room full of red dresses unless you have the misfortune to come across a Fenella Fielding in a Carry on Screaming red velvet dress you will be the stand out. And when you dance....well be ready to flash your stocking tops as that is what the dress was designed for. Of course by day footless satin black dance tights would have been worn with dresses like this but it's at the disco they came alive with sheer stockings. 


Some of these dresses had shoulder pads and others didn't. This one not. But you don't need as the batwing shape does the hourglass figure shape. Unlined and an easy wrap dress to wear just the single button waist fastening.


"Come up and see me....make me what you want ...running wild...."


Dare you be the femme fatale? I mean don't buy this if you are worried about showing your thighs it's going to happen even with the slightest gust as you walk . SO sexy it's criminal.....



Vintage late 1970s 1980s red satin tulip high leg split front back iconic disco

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