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Vintage Katmandu by Lister Glenn Models 1960s leopard animal print Mohair faux fur coat fit & flare belted huge collar size 14 UK rockabilly


This is a fabulous coat by Glenn Models dating from the 1960s with a fit a flare shape and belt in mock croc, or can be worn without. May fit up to a size UK 16 but certainly a UK 14. Rare in these sizes, such coats are very special because the fabric was made by Lister of Bradford who had log been specialists in fine fabrics such as silk and high end wool. Lister produced this fabric blend of synthetic with mohair; which not only made it fire resistant, but also gave it a special sheen as mohair does.


Lister were also responsible for all that fab mohair wool that produced all those incredible punk mohair jumpers in the 1970s and the padded shouldered with huge cowl ones in the 80s. Sadly we don't see them any more because their factory closed due to cheap imported tat in 1999. Another sad loss to the great Yorkshire textile world. And that is why we can't get mohair jumpers or suits any more! But you can still often get Lister mohair wool ball second hand for all you knitters get busy!


This is going to be a fabulously flattering coat for the fuller figure! And that stand up collar is awesome glam!

The downside is that despite how fab the coat is, it needs relining at some point, with three worn & torn areas of a few inches on the inside sides. 

Now, I can get this done professionally if you are interested at a cost of £65 extra, and re attach all the labels. But I know many of you vintage girls are handy with a sewing machine so may prefer to do this yourself; as I think re- lining professionally can be prohibitive.

So...I will list it here as is atm, but bear in mind it will need a re-line soon! 

So if you want it relined, an extra £65. Hence the low listing price atm if I reline myself these very special mohair blend leopard faux fur coats are rare in large sizes so will be nearer £300.


Vintage Katmandu Lister Glenn Models 1960s leopard print Mohair fur coat

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