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Total Luxury from Japan.

This is truly as 'soft as clouds' , the softest smooth textile coat you will ever touch. Made 65% Angora, 35% wool in Japan, the weave is fabulous and has a duck egg blue weaved with softest cloud grey. Looks a bit warm in the light a shot it in but it is more towards the duck egg grey than that.

The swing is wonderful and so it's a lovely mover, loose and comfortable would suit anyone from a size UK 10 to 16.

The style is very 1950s inspired, but probably dates from the 1990s, a total dream.

The collar is a dyed fox fur in duck egg blue shade of grey that matches the fabric perfectly.

This would have been a very expensive coat. Label says 'L'Hiver' but all else is in Japanese. 

アンゴラ  65%

ウール  35%
Ūru (Wool)

No fun no sin no you no wonder it's dark....brighten up your winter with this sensational coat, as soft as clouds.

Turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so

RESERVED do not buy Vintage Japanese Luxury 90s does 50s Angora, wool coat fur

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