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Vintage Harrods coat late 1980s early 1990s luxury chocolate brown virgin wool & cashmere blend  edge to edge faux fur front tailored back


Such luxury....this vintage later 1980s early 1990s 15% cashmere & 70% virgin wool coat, with faux fur edge to edge front & fur cuffs.  It  is so soft, beautifully tailored from structured shoulders, with a high slit at back moves beautifully and is surprisingly light in weight. 


It's a UK size 12, but bear in mind vintage sizes tend to be a bit smaller. While it will I think fit a UK 12 as it is only semi tailored, it's certainly ideal for a UK size 10 too. 


In chocolate brown, it may well have been manufactured by Mansfield who made many for Harrods but this just has the Harrods label. So dates from 1986 (but could be early 90s) when the Pet Shop Boys sang West End Girls and well heeled girls from West London would have worn coats like this, the irony is Mansfield and many other manufacturers producing such quality tailoring were East End.

The singer of the Pet Shop Boys wore a coat with some swagger in the video for the song actually which is about the social divide between West end & East End in so many cities. But often what social justice warriors forget when they may be tempted to sneer at fine garments such as those sold in Harrods, they are usually made by highly skilled working class people and ethnic minorities. Frank Russell for example whose Mansfield label may have produce this coat and certainly many other Harrods ones, began in the 1930s in his family tailor's workshop as a look out for Oswald Moseley's thugs. He sadly passed away 2008, but the legacy of his beautiful coats lives on. 

For that reason the East End girl knew a thing or two about style too and certainly at the time this coat may have been as likely to have been swanning around Walthamstow greyhound track before a night at adjoining celebrated nightclub Charlie Chans, as swaggering round Sloane st worn by a West End girl. 

Can't guarantee it's a Mansfield but it is very similar to some they did at the time; and anyway the Harrods label is a sure sign of its quality even so. You will struggle to find a new coat anywhere near this quality & cut these days . So comfortable easy to wear; pure elegance and does the style for you !

Vintage Harrods coat luxury brown virgin wool & cashmere faux fur edge to edge

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