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Vintage Harella 'It's a Dream' 1960s atomic weave wool & viscose black real sheepskin collar coat size UK 14 rear half belt warm.


Every night I hope and pray
A dream lover will come my way
A girl to hold in my arms
And know the magic of her charms

'Cause I want (yeah-yeah, yeah)...


so sang Bobby Darin in 1959 about his 'Dream Lover', and Harella's slogan at the time was

'It's a Dream' . 
And they truly were. A coat in the fifties would have cost you from about £10-£20 or £350-£500 today's money, but they were quality made to last.

The TRUE definition of sustainability is DURABILITY. In wool and sheepskin this Harella coat is a dream it will keep you warm thus saving fossil fuel heat! Remember too according to Rana & Pichandi et al 2015 wool is one of the lowest emissions fabrics; lower than cotton or synthetics, and unlike those sheep also provide food source. Not that there are any production emissions with any vintage: it's a zero.

While it looks late 1950s early 1960s we think it later than that probably mid to late 1960s. 

This wonderful Harella coat appears to be from the same season collection as this wiggle suit I have listed here:


Both have the same 'atomic' weave. and the same gorgeous soft dark sheared sheepskin collar. You wouldn't be able to wear the coat over the jacket re the collars, but you could alternate the skirt with the jacket & coat. And would be nice to have both pieces for ones wardrobe. Though the coat could be worn in quite a modern way, slouchy and oversize with long boots for eg  if you were a smaller size. Both the coat and the wiggle suit are size UK 14. Marked size 16 but that's how vintage sizing was. Harella's success is partly built on the fact they did larger and petite sizes...all vintage girls know how difficult it can be to source larger sized clothing. So if you are more Diana Dors than Audrey Hepburn this is for you! 


Harella were the second biggest clothing company in Britain by the 1960s having started in the 1930s. Based in Halifax Yorkshire they followed a great Yorkshire wool tradition. This coat is in wool & viscose mix, and a real sheepskin collar.


I think probably later 1960s than it appears judging by the label typical for that time; though could easily fit with a late 1950s style.

In excellent condition looks fresh and the sheepskin fur collar lovely, and pulls up with rigid back in the fabric. There are also pockets which are purely decorative but you can slip your hands in for slouchy 1960s does 1920s warmth & poise, and the half belt at the back is fab too, as are the buttons.

A truly fabulous coat!

Let me know if you are fancying both the suit and the coat and I will sort you a deal out!

Vintage Harella 1960s atomic weave coat wool & viscose black real sheepskin fur

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