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These Apparence luxury  faux furs made in Paris from the 1980s and 90s are really incredible quality so sleek soft sensual with  high sheen, and variety of fab styles, and have a 37% cotton base and dense thread count so the nap is fab. This one is a straight coat quite long with a gorgeous short back vent . Very elegant style, could be late 1980s or 1990s. 

I'd say it's ideal for a size UK 10 though also for a 12 and I am a UK 6/8 and 5ft 5 ins and could wear. 


I recall a work colleague who worked on the cosmetics department but didn't stay long as she was training to be a professional make up artist, had one exactly like this with the low button fastening deep lapels and that back vent slit. She used to wear seams and kitten heels to work so the slit leaves an impression. But one Friday night I was queuing for a club, I think may have been Slimelight in London (still going and yes sometimes I do!), and I was aware of a VERY tall girl behind me; felt like 8 foot I was in her shadow, and I was in very high heels too,  and she spoke to me. I didn't recognize because she had all this amazing goth make up, pale foundation and these colossally high New Rock Camden cyber punk boots. Same girl! 

Anyway we danced for a few hours with friends but then two little 'Emo' boys muscled in to dance with us. And when I say little, they were in their 20s but they were about 5ft tall, so must have looked quite a sight dancing with relative giantesses! Ha there was a band at the time called The Sixty Foot Dolls it reminded me.


But we actually were dancing among other stuff to The Merry Thoughts. They were a German goth band not so well known in the UK as Europe but everyone knew 'Boy Sinister'. Many assumed it was a Sisters of Mercy song they didn't know, as the voice is similar. So my 'Spirit of the Age' and garment is their song 'Pale Empress' 1993. It was for sure my friend that night! 

"But you are my tower of power...
Would you be my pale empress
My haven in the gale
Would you be my shelter strong
So, would you be my empress
So strong and yet so pale...."


For sure the coat is nice and warm and a shelter in any gale.


The emo boys were not so 'sinister', though were doing their best to look so they were very polite! They came off cute next to us lol. They were quite brave I remember thinking to dance with us with their height, so we weren't mean, and I suspect they were the envy of their friends for an hour dancing with much taller stylish darkling goth milfs! And indeed they called us the 60 foot dolls...and sang 'Stay' to us when we left the dancefloor to rejoin our friends.

You know when you dance to goth music people tend to use a lot of the floor with sweeping dramatic moves and knee bending twirls and twists so it's good when you are dancing to a song not many know as you got more floor. I recall again her back vent (yes, dancing in a dramatic black fur coat on the floor normal too!) and he boot buckles shining bright as the vent revealed them as she danced. I always thought I'd get a pair of New Rocks after that but they were always a struggle for me to walk in let alone dance, lol like stilts! But she managed. A Pale Empress indeed that night. 


And you can be too in this fabulous coat if you hanker for those elegant goth girl days  there were no hoodies then... or simply if you want a very classic smart coat with just a little dramatic edge.

Vintage Goth 1980s 1990s luxury faux fur Apparence long straight black coat

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