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Vintage glamorous deep vibrant Crimson Red late 1970s early 80s three quarter jacket New Wave Borgazia borg faux fur Sasson fab condition


Borgazia faux fur was created to mimic seal or sheared beaver, in the late 1960s and revolutionized faux fur, being high quality, dense in colour & thread count,, soft and glossy, by Borg Textiles. In the late 60s early 70s they were high end items with companies like Givenchy using the fabric. 

By the later 1970s however companies like Sasson New York Paris were producing en masse bringing the relative price so down substantially more affordable. They also produced garments in vibrant colors, rather than the usual black and brown. They were a huge success and many produced and sold....this particular style & colours appealing to both the disco and the 'New Wave' crowd.  However, most tend to have been well worn, and synthetic isn't very durable in that respect re rain, fading etc. Keep them dry, never wash but dry clean, and keep out of sunlight when stored, and watch those elbows on the bar!


So this one, is very special. It is so vibrant it was extremely difficult to show in photos: it has maintained its glossy lustre, softness and colour and even the lining looks as new, emblazoned with the Sasson logo. Sassons an be lovely faux furr jackets but often seen better days. This one is pretty immaculate; and in such a vibrant crimson red kept so well it's rarer still. So bear that in mind you can get more reasonably priced but not like this.

The padded shoulder structure is of the late 1970s type rather than 80s, & so I'd estimate this at around 1978-80


It is a UK size 10 I'd say, but fine on my frame too as 6-8 UK. 

Exquisite garment & will be a real show stopper....really turns heads....sensual to the touch and very femme fatale flirtatious...and I may yet decide to keep so be quick!

Vintage glamour deep vibrant Crimson Red faux fur late 1970 80s jacket

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