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Fabulous luxury faux fur coat in a rich dark green by Mimmina . They are a brand going since the 1960s run by Imola Giramondi. Very high quality Italian luxury. They employed 700 people through all the labour disputes of the 70s & 80s in Europe pride themselves on the fact their workers never went of strike. So they looked after their very skilled workers. Their garments were sold in Harrods and the lady in the dress agency the second owner bought it said the coat had been bought there originally. 


It is a size medium, but I am a UK size 6-8 and its fine for me too; but would be for up to a UK a size 16


It is a lovey colour and retains it's sheen overall: the high quality ones used cotton as well as acrylic, and it makes a difference to their longevity.


Unsure of the exact date, but helps when the original owner left old British £ note & pre front health warning pack More menthol cigarettes in pocket! Which means it was likely before 1988 when the old green £ was withdrawn from circulation, and pre 1991 when the front pack warnings came in. Supposition of course, because the trapeze swing coats were produced by various brands well in to the mid 1990s.


The coat was then purchased in the mid 1990s by someone who bought it to wear to St. Moritz White Turf race meeting. She smoked the brand St Moritz herself so was an extra bonus for her to find an unopened pack of menthol More in the pocket! So was interesting to get this little story from the second owner, who got a lot of wear out of the coat. She still has the old £ note. 

So this item is not pristine, but is still magnificent in a faded grandeur sort of way, where the 'wear' adds some character that perhaps a vintage dark green leather chesterfield sofa , or British Racing green vintage car may also have, and it may suit someone with such! So if you've a green Jaguar (second owner's ex did!) or MG, this could be for you! And the style is essentially a reboot of the 1940s & 50s swing styles so good for eg for such cars or events. So got a dark green circle skirt  dress? Ideal.  


So this coat has had a very glamorous little life. Deserves to be given a third home where it will also be treasured. It has no flaws re lining or seam repairs needed so plenty sturdy lots of life left in it and hopefully a bit of the glamour she is used to despite her slightly fading glory.


There are a few marks to the fur barely noticeable, as the surface of such quality faux fur was meant to resemble sheared beaver and you get that with those and for eg silk velvet. The main issue is there is some 'seat' wear but NOT worn out as may such faux furs can be: it is still glossy and no 'matting/wear, but if you look closely it is there. The labels are also a little discoloured and a dry clean didn't fix that.  Would certainly not put me off wearing it. 


I even considered possibility it may be from the 1970s - the top buttons are large and placed to fasten over in a style that many 'smock' and swing coats had in the mid 1970s. So outside chance of that, but it looks shape wise early to mid 1980s. Later 80s & 90s faux fur trapezes tended to be less generous in the fabric re full circle cut so didn't hang as long in the back, so not so 'swingy', and they didn't have the exaggerated shoulder pads. I prefer these more flamboyant ones - more glamorous and they were always fun when a smart lady passenger would board the plane ( I as a flight attendant back then) with one and swagger down the aisle coat swinging over everyone already seated heads!


"I've got a pocket full of pretty green
I'm going to give it to the man behind the counter
He's going to give me food and water
I'm gonna eat that and look for MORE"

And The Jam song of 1980 is very apt!


Incidentally those green Ravel faux fur boots are also from c. 1980. I may sell in time but atm I am enjoying them so much fun! I may even keep the coat so be quick before I change my mind about listing!

Vintage Forest Green faux fur coat Mimmina Italy British Racing green full swing

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