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Vintage FAB Sheepskin soft supple 3/4 length fitted 1960s coat HUGE sheep fur collar trim Mod Hippy Psychedelic warm Penny Lane New Psych


If you are here looking for a Penny Lane coat, be aware the term is an anachronism. They were never called that at the time, it is from a 2006 movie and this is FAR superior to the raggy coat she wore in that! It's original 1960s for starters and in excellent condition as so many from that time have been 'grunged' to death.
This particular one is real sheepskin and has sheepskin fleece on the inside, with very soft spongey sheepskin exterior. It is fitted, with half belt front and rear, and the hide covered buttons, and a high thigh length. Very 'Mod' in many style respects....but then there's that colossal sheepskin fur collar and hem trim. Which is reminiscent of hippy influences; that 'yak' vibe... but this is too smart a coat for an actual hippy. Thus it is more likely to appeal to the New Psych aficionado, as psychedelia of the time of course bridged that Mod and Hippy style and music chasm. Just LOOK at the back of that collar! WOW factor or what?

If you are trying to visualize such a look think Mariska Veres. Don't know her? Yes you do...She's Your Venus...She's your's her desire. Yeah Baby she's got it...or at least had one similar (though hers was very pale beige and white sheepskin). The lead singer of Shocking Blue of course, who also did 'Hot Sand'....with that sitar....

"Summer day over
And darkness come with mighty wings..."

and the post Summer of Love period of the late 1960s was an exciting fusion of many influences in fashion; not least of which were in coats of varied lengths and styles but they had one thing in common: they all looked great with long boots and short skirts! And those short skirts and dresses meant you'd need a coat that would keep you warm in winter. So this number was perfect; so cosy.

But, it has that Mod tight fit so remember there isn't much give in it and you wouldn't want to be bigger than a UK size 8. Fine for a UK size 6 too.
I'm so tempted to keep but I have one similar so can't keep them all.

It's in exceptional condition, and I suspect it's been stored a long time, in a storage bag as often when that is done, they tend to moult as they do when new. This is perfectly normal for a new long haired sheepskin, and it will settle back down eventually but atm bear in mind if you intend to wear with black you WILL need a clothes brush as you will get covered in hairs to start with. When worn out in the cold a few times it should stop shedding in time. I had an Icelandic sheepskin hat once which was a nightmare for this when I first had it, but after wearing half a few times in the snow it stopped altogether.

Talking of 'Hot Sand' , Psychedelia and Icelandic sheepskin, this would be the perfect coat indeed for a trip to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis, and walk on that black sand. That wouldn't be hot but then there are always the hot springs. And if the New Psych is your thing, then imagine shaking out to Singapore Sling for an hour in your paisley mini dress you're hot and pores open and you need a cigarette ....out in the cold...well this coat is the ticket for that! Indeed any clubber who needs the outdoor smoker area really needs a good quality coat. And exceptionally 'cool' coats that are toasty warm are hard to come by these days! And yes it would look fab at a Festival but don't you DARE wreck it rolling in mud or sleeping in a tent ok?

But even if you aren't into such music vibes, then this coat is just perfect if you are wanting a vintage sophisticated look among all that naff synthetic for wandering round alpine trails bars and restaurants, or the hotel apres ski. Hello seriously sensual sophisticated sartorial Sloane snow bunny this is for you isn't it? You know, you can't go up the Cresta Run in polyester any more than the chaps can. And there's always Kempton Park on Boing Day and this is perfect for style statement and winter warmth just don't spill the mulled wine down it!

Or, if you are Stateside, well there's Aspen. About time that place had a shake up style wise with an injection of vintage!

So I can't say this coat is apt for walking or making love in the hot sand....but may be perfect for walking in the crisp snow....and making love over champagne (in a 'coup' of course not those frightfully modern flutes!)

Whatever, remember that fashions of the past weren't just utilitarian. They were about style which had meaning and communicated signals in myriad ways. They were often about fantasy and adventure, glamour and cool. This coat is special, excellent quality, and ready to rock again by someone who knows exactly what they are about and the coat is about....gab up it's not your 7/6-....


Vintage FAB Sheepskin soft 3/4 fitted 1960s coat HUGE sheep fur collar coat

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