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Vintage exquisite Mansfield Cache D'Or black flattering fitted jacket wool cashmere huge luxury faux fur collar Made England Frank Russell


Gorgeous excellent condition Mansfield Cache D'Or black 1980s jacket fitted and figure flattering, in cashmere and wool with very high quality faux fur collar, which is removable. 

It has two side belts with decorative buttons, which gather the fabric then it flares out beautifully.
The label was that of designer Frank Russell whose career in the rag trade began being Jewish, as lookout watching for trouble from Oswald Mosely's fascists in the East End of London for his father's tailoring workshop. He was also an amateur boxer when young. He served as a radio operator in WWII and saw action in North Africa Italy and Western Europe. During this time he learned several languages which served him well in his business activities later and would grow Frank Russell into the renowned Mansfield label. By the 1970s he was known as 'The King of Coats' and them he launched the Cache D'Or label of separates. Thus jacket is mid 1980s and that label. At the time, Sade sang 'Your Love is King' which was a classic that appealed to everyone, and so did Frank Russell's classics. You loved us Frank and we loved you back: Your Love is King, King of Coats. 


The brand was sold Harrods Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and it was not unusual to see well heeled ladies dashing from one store to the other on launch of new collections to get their size. It was quality made to last and many chic ladies to this day have their Mansfield wardrobes and will not part with them. So they don't often come up especially the pieces that maintain a classic, or romantic feel, and especially the winter ranges. It wasn't unusual to see an elegant Goth or Chic rockabilly girls with Mansfield coats and the flattering jackets which could look edgy for example with leather skirts thigh boots tight pencil skirts etc or even jeans. The tailoring and padded shoulder also gave a feel of the 'sculpted'  runway fashions of Mugler etc at a more affordable cost and often in much better fabrics. A jacket like this would still retail at around £300 plus in the '80s.


This is one such piece that ticks all those boxes but is also suitable for formal wear, or for example for the horse races, or a business lunch where you want a little sleek feminine glamour without being ostentatious.


Though marked a size UK 12 it is more suitable now as with all vintage 

Vintage exquisite Mansfield Cache D'Or black jacket wool cashmere flattering

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