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High quality faux fur generally has a high cotton content: this one by Nicole  Farhi for eg has that mixed with acrylic. So it keeps its sheen and 
softness - more durable. This one is immaculate and dates from the early 1990s I think. My friend had one in beige at this time exactly the same
and paid a pretty penny for it I was so jealous ha ha!

Says size UK 10 on label but will be fine for up to size 14 and it's loose fit but adjustable drawstring waist.

They don't tend to make faux fur with cotton or wool content these days nor with such dense weave, so are rarely this quality- almost like a long haired velvet
and as close as it gets to real mouton/sheared beaver which these fabrics mimicked.  Unless you know what you are doing these days avoid faux fur unless it is reassuringly
expensive as a few downpours on fast fashion coats and they are knackered and headed for landfill. The vintage ones are generally better & more durable.  
Lining is a nice viscose too.

She came from France to the  UK 1970s & by 1978 headed French Connection's design studio. Year the Rezillos released 'I Love My Baby Cos She Does Good Sculptures' hence my lyric ref in gif.  1982 saw her own label own name higher-end fashion label within French Connection Group - launched that transformed well heeled fashionistas wardrobes. But now she does Good Sculptures! 

Doesn't surprise me she's now a famed figurative sculptor back in her native France. She is a designer who always understood female form, & how to drape ample luxurious fabrics for casual comfort while remaining aware of the elegant femininity that carries it. 

"Naughty boys
with sweaty hands"

will want to caress you in it - so sumptuous, sensual, sleek sheen and ah that drawstring waist and HUGE cowl collar almost like a hood 
will be amazing at wintry bus top. Glamour and comfort rarely come together so elegantly. 

Who will have this slipped under the tree by Santa?

Vintage early 1990s Nicole Farhi drawstring fit and flare faux fur -high quality

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