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Tonight your mine....completely....

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow?  (Shirelles 1960)

This delightful early 1960s beautiful bronze sheen, and rich chocolate velvet collar and incredible wing back double button decor detail 
cuffs is soooo Romantic. The princess coat of its day! Reminded me of something you may have seen in one of the plethora of airline movies such as 
Elizabeth Taylor in the VIPs (hence my hairstyle bun) of the early 1960s.

Then I got to thinking how romantic it is, and how long it has lasted, so hence the video story!
 Long distance romances may not last, esp cabin crew & pilots (I was cabin crew !)
PAN AM most successful, pioneering glamorous airline didn't last. 

But this silken mohair/velvet coat has! Amazing after all these years when you think about it! Those jetliners long gone.

We think that's the fabric composition. No label, but burn test on a few plucked  threads from inside indicates so and certainly
has the sheen of the Mod mohair suits. 

It is for a petite size, and I would say a size UK 6 would be ideal, certainly a UK 4 would get away with it so if you are petite in height and size, this
is a dream. I am a UK 8 and can wear, but it's just a little restrictive though would be fine for an event but not a daily wear to the office and I'd
need a simple 1960s shift dress underneath which is of course what it would have been worn with. Super with pearls & a bun too styling wise for
an elegant vintage look; an the 3/4 sleeves and wing cuffs demand long gloves.

This isn't something for knocking about in it is really special!
Made to last and has....still loved tomorrow....after all these years.

Vintage early 1960s petite coat fit and flare Jenny Lind mohair silk velvet Jack

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