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Stunning late 1980s early 90s power suit comprising of a laced back sun dress, fully boned, a 1980s does 1950s jacket, and an optional mini skirt c same length as the dress for those times when you don't have a help getting in to your dress and lacing it!


It is in a fabulous print perhaps Aztec inspired for a Latino Spitfire or Art Deco for a vintage vamp, either way it's sensational and definitely for the Femme Fatae: as Sarah's label was aptly named 'Deadlier Than the Male' . Her designs were worn by high society & elegant goth girls alike, and she operated from Hyper Hyper in Kensington High st. Eventually she moved to Richmond and specialized in bridal wear but still did the odd special occasion dress with all the Hollywood glamour & gothic influences. The V&A museum in London now has pieces of Sarah's in their collection. Better late than never she is being recognized.


The late 1980s saw the Ascendance of the Femme Fatale in all her glory and The Damned knew a thing about them from Eloise to 'Alone Again Or' 1987. 

"Yeah, I said it's alright...
You know I won't forget...
All the times I waited patiently for you
Now you do just what you choose to do
And I will be alone again tonight my dear...."


And if they knew all about the fatalism of trying to win the femme fatale's heart then Sarah Whitworth was the architect of the time on designing the gowns for them to weave their craft.


Question is...will you wear the dress Alone...Or...? 
Or the jacket with the skirt...Or? 


The print reminds me of an Art Deco print so much would look right at home in the Chrysler building or Gotham city! Batman of course took a nosedive in to darker world in Tim Burton's reimagining of the Caped Crusader & his dark city and `92  saw Michel Pfeiffer miaow her way in to a relationship with the Batman as Selina Kyle still developing gripping and ultimately fatalistic & tragic all these years later. I can imagine a Selina Kyle wearing an ensemble like this while in civvies. Dark Deco if you like.


It's a UK size 6-8.


So this would make a fabulous going away Honeymoon outfit for a 'pin-up' Bride, or indeed an outfit for the wedding for the mother of bride or groom if she wants to retain a little edge....after all it's her daughter/son getting married and she may later need that edge good to lay down the impression to start with!

Vintage Deco Gothic print wiggle suit Sarah Whitworth corset boned dress + skirt

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