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Fabulous vintage purple to violet/mauve leopard print coat by luxury faux fur brand Couture Hélène who dominated the high end quality faux fur market in the 1980s in particular with their garments being sold in Harrods etc. and worldwide. Starting in Brussels as a confectioner, their venture in t faux fur paid dividends and they expanded to Paris and New York; wholesaling to high end boutiques and stores.


This one a fab take on leopard print in subtle purple, lilac to mauve tones in leopard print

It has a swing though not as ostentatious as the 1980s large shoulder pad ones they did which of course were able to swing so much they could knock both sides of a cinema aisle, which I adore, and appreciated as a flight attendant ha ha.
But nevertheless has a gentle swing movement without the extreme shoulder pads, though not enough to knock peoples glasses flying in a restaurant, and very nice in good vintage condition!
Some slight loss of sheen at the cuffs but not wearing away. 

This could suit anyone from someone do brighten up classic black wardrobe, to someone who likes a purple punky look! 

Beautifully soft! 

A UK size 14 marked but probably better suited to a 10 or 12 these days.

I know how difficult it is to find matching subtle  purple accessories so I am throwing a lovely pair of vintage gloves in purple and pink trim in with this as a free gift.

It's a real fun fur from a quality iconic brand: these coats were around the £300-£400 mark at the time; equivalent of around double that or more now.

Vintage Couture Helene faux fur coat 1990s purple violet mauve leopard print

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