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What Becomes a Legend Most? was their marketing slogan, and just about every famus woman modelled for them from actresses to ballerinas to opera singers to authors. Dating from the early 1980s this is a stunning high end Blackglama full length female Mink coat. GLAMA = Great Lakes Amercian Mink Association and is the highest grade of natural black mink in the world. This is in excellent vintage condition with the pelts showing no sign of drying out and soft supple, exceptional female pelts,  and with incredible sheen. The shoulders are not so exagerated but still retains some 1940s classic style. Perfect for a vintage 40s event,  dinner or an important function, or a winter city break, or the races in the winter. The original price was over £10k back in the 80s. 

Vintage Blackglama Mink

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