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Sublimely beautiful blouse by Anne Fontaine , who are the world's finest ladies couture shirt/blouse manufacturer. 

Known for adding that little individual romance to the lady who refuses steadfastly to conform to corporate workplace conformist banality, their designs always have that mixture of feminine romance with workplace chic, though this one a pure flight of fantasy reminiscent of  McQueen. 


The 3/4 length flared sleeves are so beautiful make you literally want to stretch your wings as you leave the restrictions of lockdown bondage ! Though I have styled in Edwardian colonial, it could equally just rock effortless chic with jeans & boots, or loose summer pants and sandals.

Please move along hippies, minimalist hipsters & fast fashion junkies nothing for you to see here....this is Bohemian with refined chic....loose fitting cool & comfortable and its pure silk none of your brutalist functional minimalist utilitarian synthetic or cheesecloth here....this is the NEW ROMANCE ! 


Lovely sheer transparent illusion panels, this is one of Anne Fontaine's finest pieces.

If it doesn't sell I'm going to keep & wear with skin tight Jitrois leather pants and boots! So be swift before I change my mind!

Vintage Anne Fontaine sheer silk elegant bandage flared slve top

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