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Vintage 1990s Max Mara alpaca cashmere fine virgin wool and high quality ranch whiskey mink fur collar and front coat


Oh wow this Max Mara coat is sublime! The fabric -there is no composition label- is a very soft fine mix of I'd say high content alpaca, cashmere and virgin wool . And the collar and inside front lined with fabulous quality soft and glossy ranch whiskey or lunaraine  to mahogany brown natural mink fur in immaculate condition. 

I'd  say it would fit up to a size UK 10, but I am 6-8 and it's fine for me too. 
Nicely tailored though also looks fab with a belt.

Unsure of the date, but Max Mara went bonkers for these Mink trim coats in their 1992 A/W fashion show, though they weren't quite as tailored and no back vent. 1996 however saw more tailoring and a back vent which this has. So an educated guess would but it sometime between these 2 dates. Though may be earlier or later. It is unlike anything they have done since 2000 really so can't see it being more recent. 

There is a very tiny bit of perhaps graze damage, or may have caught on something, towards the bottom rear hem of the coat but I can never find it to photograph it is that minor. Otherwise it is as new. And if it wasn't for that very small mark, I'd have it double the price. 

Made in Italy exquisite craftsmanship as you'd expect, and as luxurious a coat as they come. Don't hesitate. A fabulous Xmas gift for your loved one perhaps if she's a fan of Max Mara luxury....and who isn't?

Vintage 1990s Max Mara alpaca cashmere virgin wool delux ranch whiskey mink coat

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