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This suit is a sensational dramatic & truly elegant long (between ankle & floor on my 5ft 5ins) skirt suit with fitted jacket with an Edwardian or 1930s open front jacket cut very low to wear with a frilly or big pussy bow blouse.

As such, while Lempicka taps in to the 'fairy tale' enchanted fantasy world, this is definitely on the darker side of that forest!


She also of course is inspired by the 1930s and specifically (Josiane Maryse Pividal her real name born Bordeaux 1954) chose the name Lempicka
because of the 'Baroness with the Brush' Polish artist Tamara Lempicka whose fabulous paintings are so evocative of the stylish elegance of the time. 

And indeed this suit would look so splendid worn in an Art Deco setting. If I were going for example to Sketch cocktail bar with its enchanted forest bar one side and its pure Deco fantasy 'pink' restaurant the other (so evocative of The Shining somehow to me!) I'd wear just for lounging & posing! Or  if attended an event on the Deco mile in London or a trip to New York's eco sights I'd be sure to wear.


BUT, this also is versatile because as well as for formal & fashionable occasions, you also have this Edwardian gothic feel styled a little differently.

A net dressage inspired hat and you are ready for a vintage horse show class, or Whitby Goth festival, A Murder Msytery weekend or formal dinner at a luxury country hotel, or a higher end goth club such as Electrowerkz. 


So hence as soon as I put it on I wanted to dance to Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus one of the inspirations for the video (you can see the whole video on my Instagram). It has that elegance which lets your body flow with the music. Btw, I don't mind you goths appropriating our culture ha ha ;) Wampyres & Verevolves legends began in Serbia, and Bela Lugosi while Hungarian , his mother was also Serbian! I've lived London so long I identify as Brit but still value my Serbian heritage of course. 


Then very formal work events, front of house hostessing at a smart event,  or God forbid a funeral. Not many outfits you could wear for all that! 


It is a French size 40 which should be a UK 12 but make sure you are a small 12. Ideal for a 10. And be aware you'll need to be 5ft 5 ins or get it taken up a little if you don't want to drag on the floor.

The fabric is a lovely wool & viscose blend with acetate, which drapes nicely and doesn't crease so much. So very comfortable to wear light in weight. Drape at the back of the skirt is special please view. The open collar which flatter your bust you'd need to wear a flamboyant blouse beneath unless of course you were 'popping out' to Torture Garden or the like! So front fastening is three under bust covered buttons which tighten to the waist hence the flattering look. Tailoring is lovely.


Selling this for another designer, who has looked after it very well.

Very, very elegant suit that can be worn by anyone, not just a gothic lolita or a wicked vamp, but it helps!

Vintage 1990s Lolita Lempicka black maxi skirt suit jacket wool viscose cre

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