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“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”
So opened the Dark Tower by Stephen King and like our beautiful shearling coat here it's a story of surreal cultural fusion.


So like the book the video narrative tells the story of a 'Mission' that takes our character from Medieval Courts to the desert Wastelands. Aegean craftsmanship & temples, middle Eastern mystery, Balkan castles, Baltic abbeys & windswept Whitby coast are also on our character's travels. 
You'll have to follow me on Instagram to get the full video of this Temple of Love of a coat....and yes our 'Dark Tower' is Count Orlok's castle from Nosferatu; real life it's Oravský hrad (German: Arwaburg, Hungarian: Árva vára) so real Bohemian not a fashion blogger's appropriation, as is the coat. Mystically transported to the desert wastelands! Well if people don't start appreciating sheep as solution to global warming & sustainability it may end up that way!


We've been making sheepskin & sophisticated wool garments longest in the Balkans & Aegean regions for 7 thousand yrs and still have the best biodiversity in Europe btw no shortage of wolves and bears....not wampires & verevolves come to that myth wise! We invented them in Serbia after all! I'm told I look like Countess Bathory incidentally....I think she was stitched up tbh with a likely tale of vampiric practice they couldn't have a strong female European leader at that time
and you know how elites work a narrative...


A Dark Tower of a coat, almost to floor, its shawl collar drapes like a gunfighter's duster coat cape,
yet has all that European gothic & Aegean style elements that give it its Bohemian drama.

While it may appeal to anyone who appreciates drama in style, I'd like to think someone who appreciates the Gothic with elegance will become the net custodian of this special piece. 

"In the Temple of Love.....Shine Like Thunder....." 

said the new version of The Sisters of Mercy's song , with the sadly late Ofra Haza's haunting vocals, was also a fusion of the East & West. And you will certainly shine in this stunning coat wherever you travel...and stay warm too. 


From the cold winds of the promenade at Whitby to the cold desert nights, or floating round European cities steeped in dark history, this is a coat for those adventures, with that dramatic fit and flare swagger that will transform your photo memories.

It's a UK size 8 but a larger 6 or a small 10 will fit. 


Beautiful soft sheepskin lined throughout and with an alternative cuff arrangement for turning back to match with long leather gloves, fastened with metal poppers.


Simpy spectacularly glamorous. I'm 5ft 5 inches with heels in the pics, so you could be taller but not much shorter unless you are wearing with high platforms or heels. Great for the taller girl with flat & would be terrific with cowboy boots! I must get myself!

Vintage 1990s Gothic inspired splendour shearling duster coat fit and flare

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