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Vintage 1980s Margot J.J. Deray Paris high quality faux fur coat champagne blush/beige/nude power dressing mutton sleeves shoulder pads long , with matching hat.


Margot & J.J. Deray of Paris were another of the leading producers of very high quality faux fur coats, as near to the real thing re sheared beaver that
is possible. This is a fine example of their aspirational power dressing styles with amazing mutton sleeves & shoulder pads, full length, and an Eastern European influenced
matching hat. Condition is immaculate and the colour is breathtaking: a champagne blush rose tint pale a Hazy Shade of Winter sun on a frosty dawn or dusk.

I had one myself back around 1987 when the label came to prominence , though mine was a grey beige. I wore it for several years; & recall wearing it the week
Red Star Belgrade won the European Cup....1991 that was such a 'Big Bad Noise' of a night in Belgrade...they beat Marseilles on penalties in Italy! So I used the band 
 Age of Chance song of that name as cultural reference too as their artwork used red stars, & they also covered Kiss by Prince as did Tom Jones. And yes, you DO have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude! The original series that is with Joan Collins a true style icon of the time. And it was an age of chance; and even if we didn't have power we felt like we did when we dressed the part! 

Was certainly an exciting time for music too, with the Bangles hit Hazy Shade of Winter' coming same year 1987.  Red Star had started their campaign to win the European Cup 
in 1987 too; losing quarter finals to Real Madrid despite putting four goals past them in Belgrade; another amazing noise but sadly they lost second leg so exited on away goals
rule. The Cold War was thawing, and cultural exchange in fashion Art & music was taking place. The West liked red stars & bold communist graphics, and fur glamour; and Eastern Europe loved western music and power dressing! We wanted to kiss East & West & Age of Chance, Prince, even Tom Jones told us how! My brother's band Master Scratch Band was big
in Yugoslavia at the time and also enjoying a renaissance of interest atm. 

Fashion coming  back weaving through the tapestry of time...

It's a size 12 but will it up to a small 16, but also fine for a smaller size as these coats were pretty much one size. So glamorous soft like new, you will feel
a million dollars in it! 

So bang on trend atm with the resurgence in the mutton sleeve styles; and blows away modern faux furs in the high st. It's time to get that spirit of glamour feminine power
& sex appeal back are you ready? 

Let there be Light...let there be Heat.... lets there be total glamour because it will not be beat! We got a thing....boys and girls....


Vintage 1980s Margot J.J. Deray Paris high quality faux fur coat champagne blush

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