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Vintage 1980s leather HUGE faux fur collar jacket reminiscent North Beach Leather; unbranded beautiful cut quality motorcycle aviator rock chick


Fabulous vintage 1980s black leather jacket with huge fur collar which does stand up as it is backed with leather. The faux fur is an incredible quality I'm not sure it's not sheepskin as it appears to be organic but could be a cotton based faux. Not able to tell if it is webbed on the back as it has
that leather back support. 


The fit is one which was sometimes used to cover the small of the back on motorcycle jackets hence the theme of the video, and certainly if you were riding a motorcycle 
or riding pillion this and the sumptuous fur collar would keep you warm. Overhang caped back is then very flattering as jacket fastens at the waist; and adds even more to the drama.

But this jacket is all about the style of the time. Designers like Azzedine Alaïa & Michael Hoban North Beach  used the street style of rock & roll girl leather, and revamped with added
shape and glamour, and in turn they have influenced the style of this jacket. It has no label sadly, but rest assured this is a real quality garment; as much about sex appeal as practicality. 
It oozes glamour in that rock chick way; and it has real drama & power.

This was the time where rock had that edge & rebellious sex appeal  that wooed fashion designers, and we rocked to BIlly Idol, The Cramps, Stray Cats, and Guns & Roses. I'd date it
at c 1985 when Rebel Yell was re-released hitting the UK top ten. 


And you have to be a bit of a rebel to get away with this wants wearing with a sleek black very tight leather pencil skirt, or thigh boots; and is smart enough for the local restaurant or wine bar as well as a night at the speedway or motor racing or a rock gig, or ideal for motoring in a convertible. Or just because you still have the rock chick chic. Big Hair not obligatory! A hunky rocker guy or girl who knows their way round a motorcycle on your arm , who appreciates your style however, probably is. Not for shrinking violets this jacket ...but 'if you like wild living fast....pussycat you're riding high' 


It's a size UK 8 though is plenty roomy on top that's the waist button. If small in the waist a 10 may get away with it.

Vintage 1980s leather HUGE faux fur collar jacket reminiscent North Beach

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