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Are you ready to Lambada with Lagartija Nick?
Tango with a toreador?
Salsa with a lost screen idol's spirit? 


This breathtaking made in Paris haute couture piece by ISABELLE ALLARD in black velvet & beaded creation is a work of Art; Iberian inspired 1980s gothic glamour. The matador bolero is part of the dress not a separate piece. Amazing hidden slit in the front of the skirt for stretching a leg out when dancing! 


Pete Murphy wore a matador jacket on Top of the Pops performing their song 'Lagartija Nick' , which is old Spanish term for the devil, so this was inspiration for the shoot/video which I thought captured the spirit of that age! 

" le respect de la morphologie des femmes et le plaisir de la mettre en valeur " 

“respect for the morphology of women and the pleasure of enhancing it” Isabelle Allard 

Fashion is about spirit and fantasy, power and sex, resistance and revival. This gown epitomizes
the polar opposite of the utilitarian puritanism that has driven modern fashion in to both doldrums and landfills.
This, will never be in a landfill and deserves to be respected as much as a piece of Fine Art; and worn as it was designed
to be by someone not afraid to rock it.

Are you that someone? 

It is a UK size 10 or 12  I would say but it is marked a size 44. 
Isabelle Allard couture made in Paris.

The hat is a vintage piece I have upcycled and can also be purchased will list soon.

Vintage 1980s Isabelle Allard haute gothic couture gown flamenco tango Spanish

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