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Wow this is just incredible; all about the silhouette & female vamp power. 
It's a Thornton Hall the renowned New Zealand label from the 1970s & 1980s and they are very RARE finds. This one is immaculate
like new. It is VERY figure hugging and is proper velvet not that elasticated rubbish, so you will need to be a UK size 6 and you will look like you
have been poured in it.
A size 4 would get away with it. 
I'm a size 6-8 and could JUST get away with it but it's constricting, I'd have to lose a couple lbs to be comfortable. 

It's a KILLER this dress every femme fatale should have one; has the sweetheart neck, the pencil skirt wiggle figure huggle fit.
The velvet is gorgeous and sensual as I say not like modern incarnations.

Vintage 1980s does '40s '50s vamp black wiggle dress velvet Thornton Hall

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