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Vintage 1980s does 1940s mouton fur coat very glossy sheen so soft cute shoulders power dress Grenoble furrier made amazing elegant sleek


Oooh well I love mouton coats anyway but this is something else. Has a feel of the Spring Freres high end couture mouton 1980s does 1940s furs, and in fact it is French, hails from Grenoble, the French historical city near the Alps that held the 1968 Winter Olympics.

Sadly the furrier Anaf of 14 Grande Rue is now gone and there is a waffle shop there in the old street. 


Very very soft and sleek, the best I have ever come across. Old movie star glamour, it is just perfect for the film noir femme fatale. 

It is suitable for a UK size 10 or a smallish size 12 with ease. I am a size 8 though and could wear feels just great on. 


It is in perfect condition, like new. Though at the bottom front of the coat there is some marking but you get this with real sheepskin it is natural to have the odd patches like this on all such; mouton does get areas where the hair is at a slightly different direction so catches the light at these points but it is not damaged as such. 


It is a really beautiful piece that is ideal for travelling or a smart evening out but also day wear, such is the advantage of mouton as well as its considerable warmth. So it is a fur you can pop on to go to the shops or out to a special restaurant or theatre evening out, and while it has that practicality the sheen on them is so beautifully sleek and elegant they have a special glamour. So wear to the point to point, or a vintage 1940s event, or even for a ski-ing holiday or winter city break- it really does have a great forties feel - to keep warm on a long winter journey, or sitting outside a restaurant for a cigarette during winter. Soooo very warm. And while it has a bit of weight to it not as heavy as the original 40s and 50s ones. 


But it is 1980s, so has that opulent glamour by default , and the sleek sensual softness of this is just sublime (mouton at best of times despite its warmth has a 'cool' sleek feel but this never felt anything like it you will want to cuddle it) though also very practical. And so the song that comes to mind (you get a relevant period one for the spirit of the age every garment) is Suicide (we could also have had their 'Diamonds, Fur Coat & Champagne') and 'Touch Me' .

"Touch me soft, touch me soft
Cool as ice, cool as ice
Like I like it, like I like it
Like I like it, like I like it
Oh so soft, oh so soft
Oh so soft, oh so soft
Touch me, honey
Like a kiss"


and believe me when you do touch this coat, you know I exaggerate not, you won't believe how soft sensual and sleek. Your problem will only be to keep your man (or woman) from wanting to touch you all over in it!


The shoulders are really cute cut slight 'bubble' raised for that forties look and the sleeves very full balloon with princess cuffs that stop the wind, and there are no signs of wear to the cuffs or anywhere on the coat. The French call these dark brown mouton furs 'mouton doré ' when they have such gorgeous golden highlights as this one. Doré means golden and one this fine, well it is the Golden Fleece for sure.


It is beautiful and has a couture look don't hesitate. Be quick before I change my mind to keep it.


Vintage 1980s does 40s mouton fur coat hi glossy sheen so soft Grenoble Furrier

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