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Black and orange stray cat sittin' on a fence..... she's got cat class and she's got class style....


Vintage beautiful 1980s does 1950s Emma Somerset cashmere & wool coat with faux fur leopard collar  1980s 'sophisticat' rockabilly.


Emma Somerset was one of the luxury high st fashion brands of the 1980s & 90s and if you were on a decent wage as most were in those days.. you were in there to see what they had new that had class & style on payday.
What was special about them is the combination of quality class & edgy style. Their flirtation with leopard print and loose fit mid 1980s as The Stray Cats, Matt Bianco & Sade stormed the charts, produced such iconic coats as this. 


Emma Somerset's Southport store would be stormed every time a Chester or Aintree raceday loomed and the outraged puritan bourgeois levelled 'bookies wife' accusations but that just made the stylish laugh & spurred more people on more to grab a piece of the glamour. In London their Knightsbridge store flew the flag of affordable but still reassuringly expensive quality and the rockabilly girls were always rubbing shoulders with the Sloane st set there. You got a coat like this and may have taken it right out of the bag and worn it up the KIng's Rd to where you may have caught the eye of one of those oh so cool cat Johnson's loiterers with their cadillacs, as you swing the sweep of this coat around and revealed a glimpse of your seam and heel .

Or perhaps you'd have been the Post punk goth girl in thigh boots, equally capable of turning heads in this fabulous coat; so 'Right Now' for 'Creatures' of the night. 
Fabric covered double breasted buttons. 


But now all these years on, you can still have a piece of that action as this was made to last. And, also looks so fabulous and contemporary with loose fit but 
hangs beautifully off those 80s shoulder pads.


There's no way you won't look cool and sophisticated in this. Don't hesitate and I'd wear it as a size 8 UK but equally can be worn with comfort by a UK size 16. 


The faux fur collar is so soft and has maintained its original lustre as you'd expect from an Emma Somerset quality garment.


It's not for shrinking violets and those who attach no importance to style so please move along if you aren't looking for that sexy 40s 50s & 80s glamour warmth & quality...this is for sophisti-cats only.

Vintage 1980s does 1950s Emma Somerset cashmere wool coat faux fur coat

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