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Vintage long black fit and flare coat 1980s Romantic Goth does 1950s Russian cossack Edwardian equestrian shawl faux fur collar lightweight


Dramatic vintage fit and flare coat by 1980s label Kriss, in what appears to be a lightweight wool/cotton mix with faux astrakhan or karakul fur huge shawl collar and cuffs.

Influences at the time this coat came out were the Russian cossack, and classic Edwardian riding mistress looks often sported by Sloane Rangers including Lady Diana, New Romantics, the 1950s rockabilly fit and flare aesthetic for full circle skirts, and of course...the Gothic. The movie The Hunger' came out in 1983 and the elegant goth look became a strong trend. Catherine Deneuve wore a white coat in the movie but had a huge dazzling lizard brooch, and had modelled for free on a Fulham billboard, for Butler & Wilson who specialized in these. Of course, they were ideal for 
huge shawl collar as they had been in the 1950s too, and a faux fur astrakhan channeling Imperial Russian cossack opulence particularly so. Especially as the texture of astrakhan and its faux look prevent and marks caused by brooch pins! I was once in the Butler and Wilson shop and there were four of us with faux astrakhan collars looking at their new lizard brooches! So even high st brands like Wallis did these coats. But the style/cut of this Kriss on is something else!

Faux astrakhan hats to match also were in Vogue again sported by Lady Diana, and these too often sported jewellery. The look wasn't complete without stylish leather gloves, and other hat options were the military caps or veiled round hats that Deneuve also wore in the movie, or equestrian look dressage hats.

Hard to imagine nowadays that people would go to these 'total look' lengths to go to work, or for cocktails, but they -we- most certainly did! Everyone wanted to be Lady Diana or Catherine Deneuve. As for clubs, they even wore sunglasses clubbing, and kept hats and even coats on to dance for drama. Coats like this were not just functional. They were about fantasy romance of the past and style. And unlike Deneuve's lovers in The Hunger, this style is pretty eternal spanning the Edwardian to 1850s to 80s and now back in vogue again!


You need to feel the swagger and movement of such a long fit and flare coat to understand and know or learn how to flaunt it. You know, these aren't for people who wear North Face anoraks and trainers. They are for people who understand the aesthetics of glamour & style of bygone age that arms us for 21st century ultitarian humdrum & the dehumanizing corporate conformity city. 


The coat is lightweight as I say, so not a coat for cold winters though the style looks it. But I know many out there are put of by the weight of vintage coats and this one is easy to wear comfort.

It is also a UK size 14 though may fit a small 16. Email me for measurements. Four double breasted two actual button fastening.

Lovely fitted tailoring and a dramatic high back vent


The Faux fur is astrakhan or karakul look, but like a cross between fir and velvet with texture resembling the real black curly lamb but without the weight too. 


So if you are a rockabilly rebel on the look out for a fit and flare coat for your circle skirts, or a glamorous goth that wants to float past the mortals in the queue for Electrowerks in style, want a lovely coat to make an entrance at a smart restaurant, theatre or evening at the floodlit races (for the non daywalkers among you), or for evenings along the Seine or sampling the gothic architecture of Prague, and want some equally dramatic pictures to remember,  then this is the coat for you!

Lizard brooch NOT included!

Vintage 1980s does 1950 cossack Edwardian equestrian shawl faux fur collar black

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