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For those who feel they should have been born in the glamour of old Hollywood Black & White...comes a little...

Scarlet for me...Scarlet for you... 

in to the mix, as the Gene Pitney & Marc Almond classic from 1989 c the date of this jacket said.
And it's definitely Gotten a hold of my Heart but it's sadly too big for me.

A UK size 12 is marked but remember vintage sizes are slightly smaller so I'd say a UK 10 but a small 12 would get away with it.


It's very cleverly constructed with a concealed below bust front zipper & faux buttons! The lapels are very 1930s/1970s with that fabulously bust flattering cut too, so it's going to be sensational on someone who actually fills it out as intended.

The fabric is thick soft pure new wool but constructed so it holds its shape even when open, so easy to wear undone too but believe me when you see what it does for your figure that will be rare!

There are lovely red accents at the buttons and piping on the equestrian influenced collar and then a red hanky.


The check fabric is a bold herringbone chevron meets houndstooth affair; gorgeous and unusual. Bold shoulder pads too; makes the wearer feel empowered and at same time very sexy.

It's just fabulous every bit as good as it looks and pristine condition. An amazing rare piece.

Vintage 1980s Black white chevron check Mansfield jacket red equestrian accents

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