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Vintage 1980s Astraka superior quality cotton back sleek leopard grey faux fur coat textured claw pattern column long line lapels & shape.



This gorgeous unusual vintage 1980s coat from Astraka is sleek in both line and soft sensual superior quality faux fur. 


"How soft you feel, so sweet
How thin, how lean, how sleek
You came like some star
Like the lovers we all dream of"


sang Gene Loves Jezebel from Porthcawl in 1987 their song 'Up There'. And you will certainly feel up there in the glamour stakes in this fabulous coat as well as keeping you warm.  Music was better in the eighties as well as fashion....and of course fellow Wels rockers The Manic Street Preachers had brought faux leopard fur back as Richie and Nicky Wire sported them. Wasn't unusual as the club cloakrooms of that time had begun to lose cloakroom attendants, to see such leopard or long black furs rock out at alternative nights on the dance floor. 


We think this coat dates from the mid 1980s. The long line lapels came in c 1982-84, though the distinctive pattern of comb 'claw' marks in keeping with the feline 'panther' leopard print, tended to come in later 1980s. Astraka however appears to have gone in to receivership sadly in 1988 so it's not later than that. Sadly according to the Northern Echo for a pawltry sum of £73k, mostly owed in rates to Sedgefield Council. A firm that has been in existence since 1898, in Shildon County Durham from 1949, and once employing up to 600 plus people. So sad how these great heritage textile & garments manufacturing companies in the North of England went to the wall due to cheap tat imports pushed by fast fashion corporate companies.


But while the new faux fur coats from such companies are filling landfills so shabby after a short time, this Astraka fur is still here and in excellent condition. Only issue is the lining (I only noticed after shooting) is coming down a little but rest assured I will fix that before it is posted out to you should you decide to purchase. 


This is the perfect coat for most occasions ; either day or evening wear and just enough glamour without being as ostentatious as many 1980s faux furs....but sleek soft and sexy nevertheless. So perfect for example a special dinner date....and if you seduce your intended prey well they will be besotted with the memory of you in it always and always want you to wear. 


It is marked a UK size 12 , though vintage sizing means closer to a size UK 10 nowadays, though would just fit a UK 12. Though I am an 8-10 and I'd wear; still very slim line fastened and yet a fair sweep open. Very flattering coal; elegant and for the claws...


I am 5ft 5 ins btw if you are wanting to estimate the length on yourself.


Vintage 1980s Astraka superior quality sleek leopard grey faux fur coat

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