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Vintage 1980s Arabella Pollen cashmere wool faux fur Regency jacket leopard camel colour double breast fitted Princess Diana Rockabilly


Arabella Pollen was one of our best designers in 1980s Britain favoured by Sloane Rangers and Princess Diana to working career girls & rockabilly kittens, New Romantics and celebs 
such as Marianne Faithful. She also designed Virgin Airlines first red uniforms.

Educated in London at Queens College after growing up in Manhattan, her first entry into fashion came as she sold tie dyed dungarees door to door. 
But it was a time of opportunity and she persisted in to small collections from an Acton workshop and her break came when a friend wore some of her samples to Studio 54
nightclub where she was given a Fashion Show. Throughout the 1980s she was one of the top designers in London but early 1990s she was the victim of
corporate 'one size fits all' profit motivated cull in UK fashion, of which she is extremely critical and who can blame her. Since then she has reinvented herself as famous author. 

But at the time this jacket was made things were made to be quality and glamorous, and made to last, and it has. 1980s does 1950s or 1960s.

You could have worn this from one end of the KIngs Rd, the Sloane set of Princess Diana, to the other here Rockabillies swooned over classic cars at the Bluebird garage market,
& hung our at Johnson 'La Rocka' and Vivienne Westwood World's End. This was an exciting time in London....for pussycats....'off to London...and now I'm Queen'
as Adam & The Ants song Puss in boots said at the time, and boy does this jacket look great with long boots with a hint of Regency cut. And with the gorgeous full high
quality leopard print collar & cuffs the pussycat becomes a predator...

This is a glamorous well cut jacket that oozes class & sex appeal.

It is marked a size UK 12, but the sizes were different at the time so you'd have to be a small 12 to get away with it, and also ideal for a size 10 or even a busty 8.

Vintage 1980s Arabella Pollen cashmere wool faux fur jacket leopard camel

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