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Vintage 1980s Andrea Odicini Italian Couture Jacket asymmetric velvet collar fitted tailored elegant sophisticated wool silk


Stunning Andrea Odicini jacket in we think a luxurious black and white textured wool, cotton & silk brocade abstract design, with a silk velvet collar that is asymmetric, just stunning, and very special! Valentino did something similar 1983 so we think it dates from around then. It may be later, but certainly has the look of that time.

Odicini is one of High Fashion's best kept secrets; his quality tailoring and sumptuous quality fabrics have him a reputation for excellence that meant he never 
pursued fame or pushed his deigns, and indeed says:
 'always stay one step behind the customer. Furthermore, it would be better not to transform her into a Greta Garbo by force, but to make her beautiful for what she is with the utmost professionalism (…). Especially not with movie star attitudes and mental ruminations. '

Among his clients are Princess Michael of Kent one of the world's best dressed women.

Most of his clients travel to him in Genoa, though some excusive boutiques in Cannes New York and London. He opened his atelier in the UNESCO World Heritage site of 
Palazzo Pallavicini Cambiaso in Genoa in 1976, and despite never being a publicity seeker feature in Vogue and Harpers etc throughout the early and mid 1980s with some of 
the world's top supermodels featuring in editorials with his pieces.

And now here is your chance to own an Odicini. If you are here already looking it's because you are in 'the know' so you know what you are looking at is pure quality elegance & luxury.
You can pay thousands for a piece; here's your opportunity to get one at an affordable price tag and it's in pristine condition. The velvet collar design is exquisite as are the 1980s does 1940s turn back cuffs piped with velvet as is the front edge of the jacket. The buttons are divine and the fitted tailoring just fabulous.

It's a UK size 8 though would be ok for a size 6 too, as you wouldn't get much under it if you are a UK 8; these jacket were often worn in Italy in the 1980s with a sheer blouse or even nude
with a bra and done up.

Vintage 1980s Andrea Odicini Italian Couture Jacket asymmetric velvet collar

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