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Vintage 1980s 90s Couture Helene sleek so soft sensual deep black Swing faux Fur coat mesmerizing movement cut trumpet flare & sleeve


Stunning  faux fur coat by Couture Helene, with mesmerizing movement from gentle swing in walk, to a wonderful full spin. Sleek deep black that glistens in the sun or city lights in the dark, and the bell sleeves cut long with a niche v outside cuff.  Such glossy black glamour. The cut of the swing is gained by the panels cut down the back flaring mid back to hang in gentle folds, so that they sway back and forth while you walk. Entrancing! Spellbinding! Hypnotic! And you will have your lover in a spin too while you wear! 

Suitable for UK sizes 8 to UK 12, but good for a tall UK 6 or a smaller UK 14 too.

Round and round you go enchanting them, spin with me....sang the Darling Buds in 'Spin' in 1988, my spirit of the age/garment song. Catch it on the 'Pop Said' album.

"in your eyes I can see my reflection
does that mean I'm getting too close
I'm moving to watch your direction
and my head starts to spin once again

you can spin with me
you can spin and you will see
spin with me..."


If the movement isn't enough you have that really dense black (I mean my clothes & boots are black but look just how deep a black the coat is in comparison), with gleaming highlights to transfix. The long bell trumpet sleeves add even more beauty to the coat and that cute little niches is handy so your cigarette doesn't burn your cuff if you are a smoker which you'd likely have been in the 80s in Europe anyways and this is Made in Belgium. All very heady glamour that puts one in a spin for sure....


Couture Helene began in Belgium as a confectioner and for sure their reputation was soon as esteemed for luxury as Belgian chocolate. But even by their standards this one is very speial. There are a few styles they did which were such, and this is one I've not seen before and I think dates from late 1980s to early 1990s, when their reputation was at its height and the special ones were sold in dept stores such as Harrods. They weren't cheap (typically £300-£450) : the faux fur of this quality was called at the time 'super beaver' as it resembled sheared beaver in its sleek  softness and look, and had a very high thread density : so like a good 'nap' in velvet; and often these luxury faux furs were cotton backed too. You know when you touch it if that gleam isn't enough. Puts most modern faux fur to shame. And the beguiling feminine style of this one certainly does!


If you don't know what I am talking about then this isn't for you. No disrespect but she's no shrinking violet or dungaree donna. Please this must go to someone who appreciates it properly and wants to be glamorous and subtly elegantly seductive. This was designed to beguile; it isn't simply a functional item. It's dark glamour should make you feel sexy as well as appreciating the art of bewitching others. She deserves to be held, deserves to have an arm round her as her folds gently sway, and have exciting days and nights out in the future as she undoubtedly had in the past; she is a coat of the femme fatale, noir style and deadly desirable & decadent, as elegant as a black cat in the night, pure class.  Take her for cocktails and champagne at smart venues stay away from dives those without appreciation of such fine garments would spill beer on her. She has been treasured and must be treasured again, but she is designed to wear and bring a little magic not just to your life but those of the refined connoisseur of style in the glamorous places you will haunt them in her . Kiss in  her be gently caressed in her cast spells in her....she is black magic herself.


I may keep this soooo special but I do have a similar one so be swift before I change my mind. So confused which to keep.... I am in a spin for sure....

Vintage 1980s 90s Couture Helene sleek soft deep black Swing faux Fur coat

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